The year 2023 is ending and the Riot revealed several changes for 2024 in League of Legends, with changes to the map, new Baron, changes to items and more. However, it seems that the real changes in LoL will arrive in 2025.

“LoL will change forever in 2025,” says Rioter

On his X (formerly Twitter), developer Pu Liu, director of LoL, shared 10 thoughts after being in charge of the game for 15 months, which should be the company’s focus for 2024.

Among these points, it stands out how much Rioters care about what players think and that they are afraid of disappointing these players. It was also highlighted about bringing more “surprises” around what players want. However, the last point caught a lot of attention:

2024 will have something for everyone. 2025 will change League forever.

Obviously Rioter didn’t give any more details about what will happen, but this sentence was already the fuel needed for fans. Revamped customer? LoL 2? New engine in the game? These were some of the theories created by users on social networks.

In 2023, the community complained about various aspects of LoL, from the balance to the lack of cinematics at the beginning of the season, failed passes, the gacha system on skins, punishments that don’t work, difficulty in dealing with certain champions and other points.

However, it seems that Riot is keeping an eye on what the community wants to make changes that continue to keep LoL one of the most played games in the world even more than 10 years after its launch.

Bruno Rodrigues
published in December 16, 2023


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