Fields of Mistria is a charming farm and fantasy RPG in pixel art that arrives on PC, through Steam, in 2024. Developed by NPC Studio, the game is described as a spiritual successor to the classic farm simulators that marked the 90s and brings great inspirations in Stardew Valley. A version for consoles is also in production, but with no release date scheduled.

The game takes place in Mistria, a village that suffered great damage after an earthquake and that now has a strange flow of magic in its lands – which promises to be a major focus of its premise. In this sense, the player is offered land under the condition of restoring the village to its former glory.

Fields of Mistria details

As is tradition in games of this genre, Fields of Mistria allows the player to create his character and build a farm according to his preferences. The big difference is that it will be possible to unlock spells that help with harvesting, to make the farm prosper more quickly, and in other activities, such as exploration.

Among the game’s activities, it will also be possible to fish, mine and build different items that should help restore the city. The player will also be able to create different species of animals and there are even chances of them coming in rare colors.

Fields of Mistria features pixel art visuals and characters reminiscent of 90s animeSource: Disclosure/NPC Studio

According to the developer, the village has more than 30 inhabitants, of which 12 are romantic suitors. They all have a look that reminds them of 90s anime, while the game’s entire aesthetic aims to be quite cute. It is also worth noting that relationships are not based on gender and the player has the option of choosing the pronouns by which they will be addressed throughout the game.

It is possible to delve into the characters’ stories in a world that is always in motion, whether with the passing of the seasons, missions or festivals. On certain occasions, NPCs also feature new costumes.

Furthermore, the player will be able to venture into ancient ruins, located just below Mistria, to uncover its mysteries, which have an intimate relationship with the mysticism of the title. There will even be a combat system to deal with aggressive creatures, as well as dungeon exploration to discover treasures and other valuable items.

In Fields of Mistria, it is possible to use spells to speed up harvestingIn Fields of Mistria, it is possible to use spells to speed up harvestingSource: Disclosure/NPC Studio

The developer brings news and brief gameplay clips of Files of Mistria weekly in its social media. Recently, a spell was revealed in which it is possible to speed up the harvest instantly, something that promises to greatly speed up the farm’s productivity. Additionally, you can check out various ways to customize your own home and interactions with NPCs.


Fields of Mistria has been in development since 2019 and has increasingly caught the attention of farming RPG enthusiasts. It is the first game produced by NPC Studio, an independent producer located in Chicago, United States, and made up of a passionate team of fans of the genre.

The team carries at least 25 years of experience and knowledge of farm RPGs, including the classics Harvest Moon from Super Nintendo to more recent hits, such as Stardew Valley. The intention, according to the studio, is to contribute significantly to the genre – embracing its legacy while moving forward.


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