The South Korean scene was shocked last day with the statements made by the ADC’s ex-girlfriend Mystic, one of the most famous players in the region. He became LPL champion as in Team We in 2017 and that year he played the MSI here in Brazil.

In publication, the streamer Yoo Hye-di, the athlete’s ex-girlfriend, accused him of harassment, sexual abuse, psychological abuse and also spoke about her pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage. All translation of publications in Korean was done by journalist Ashley Kang.

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  • sexual abuse
  • psychological abuse
  • Pregnancy and later miscarriage

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Yoo Hye-di’s statement

Yoo and Mystic were in a relationship from December 2021 to July 2023. She says the series of events began in April 2022.

One day, he ejaculated in me without telling me anything. I was worried and seriously asked: “What if I get pregnant?” Mystic frowned and got angry at me, saying, “That can’t be possible. This doesn’t happen after just one [relação sexual]. Why are you talking about something that hasn’t even happened yet? Stop talking”.

Around May 2022, Yoo confirmed that she was pregnant through an ultrasound. According to her, after that Mystic avoided all conversations involving pregnancy, and personally leaned towards abortion.

In the note, she detailed several incidents in which she apparently felt mistreated and not respected by the former player during her pregnancy.

He joked: It’s going to be hell when the baby is born, I just want to escape and avoided talking about our plans at all costs. Mystic always acted like she forgot I was pregnant.

I had told Mystic, “You need to be careful when having sex in the early stages of pregnancy. This could put the baby at risk.” But in reality, Mystic became more insistent on having sex.

He tried to force sexual intercourse while I was sleeping. I woke up in shock, I was angry and cried, but he continued his action until the end. I believe Mystic attempted to have sex while I was sleeping at least seven times.

I cried and asked him, “What if the baby fails?” He once said, “We can make a new baby.” Mystic had a habit of saying negative things, like, “I regret having a child; If I went back in time, I would never have had a child; Having this child is a big stain on my life; I don’t like my son; I want to escape; I wanna die”.

According to Yoo, these situations and the delay in a conversation about the pregnancy continued until the 11th week of the pregnancy, when she showed the ultrasound photo to the former player.

I showed the ultrasound photo to Mystic and seriously asked him to share his opinion on the matter, transparently. It was only then that he suggested an abortion.

Apparently, Yoo wanted to keep the child, but decided to abort according to Mystic’s wishes. According to her, the former player continued with the same attitudes and did not help her look for hospitals, focusing only on streaming and playing.

Frustrated, I asked Mystic to take three days off and we would look for hospitals together. […] He replied, “Okay, apparently you can have an abortion up until week 24.” I got angry. Even an unborn baby would feel pain if it had grown, and he was saying it so carelessly.

According to Yoo, the abortion had to be postponed and she had it in the 22nd week of pregnancy.

When the baby was cremated, I showed him the certificate and he didn’t even pretend to be sad. Even just a few days after the miscarriage, he lied and went out drinking.

After less than two weeks of recovery, he said he couldn’t take it anymore and tried to have sex, which caused bleeding and inflammation.

Months later…

In early 2023, a stalker broke into Yoo’s home and physically and sexually assaulted her, an event documented in several reports in the South Korean media.

I called the police and made a statement/examination at the designated hospital. I called Mystic, but he didn’t hear me properly and asked me angrily, “Why didn’t you do anything when something like this happened? I told you to stay in the hospital. I said I would call later to ask for the exam”, but he didn’t even say he would come, much less show concern.

Two or three days after that, Mystic came to my house. My body still had dozens of cuts and bruises, and I was in a state of mental shock. But Mystic wanted to have sex […]. I asked him if it was the right thing to do. He smiled and said, Yes, but I can’t stop wanting it.

Still according to Yoo, Mystic also cheated on her during their relationship, shortly after she aborted their child.

Or positioning of Mystic

Shortly after Yoo’s post, Mystic spoke out on her social media and responded to the girl’s questions.

I have a personality where I resolve things after they happen; I said, “That could really happen, but let’s not worry about things that haven’t happened yet.”

It wasn’t an easy question, I told her I wasn’t sure what I wanted, and I asked her opinion, but she didn’t say anything more, she just got angry, saying I didn’t have enough responsibility and didn’t share my own opinions.

Everyone was less fortunate when my son* was born. He is also going through a difficult time and I feel bad for him. I once said I would never have a child or get married if I could go back in time, but that doesn’t mean I hate my son.

*To put it into context, before having a relationship with Yoo Hye-di, Mystic was married to another woman, with whom he had a son, which he talks about in the message above.

I don’t remember if I said “We can just make a new one”, but if I said that honestly, I’m retarded. I don’t know exactly, but I think we had sex once and she was crying, and I apologized.

I did not do it. I made several calls and told her the list of hospitals where she could have the surgery. She said that she didn’t want to do the surgery in these hospitals and things got delayed.

Who is Mystic?

Mystic is one of the oldest players in the South Korean League of Legends scene. He started in 2013, in Jin Air Greenwingsbut his success really came in the LPL, when he defended the Team WE.

Em 2017, o ADC won the 1st Split of the competition and played the MSI in Brazil, in addition to Worlds that same year. On both occasions, he finished in third place. Shortly afterwards, he returned to Korea, but failed to achieve significant results.

Mystic apos;s beat LPL 2217 (Photo: WE Official Weibo)

Mystic’s contract with Gen.G is terminated after allegations

After 2020, he retired from the competitive scene and focused on streams. The player had a contract with Gen.G, but the organization immediately released Mystic after the serious accusations made by his ex-girlfriend.

To date, there are no further updates on the case.

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