It is not news that saplings is the biggest streamer in Brazil and one of the most popular in the world. Proof of this is that the Brazilian was the most watched content creator on Twitch in the first week of September. In addition to Gau, Cell piece It is also among the most popular, ranking eighth.

According to data from Stream Charts, Gaules was the most popular in the first week of the month, with 3.16 million hours watched. The Brazilian channel spent 164 hours and 5 minutes on air. During this time, the content creator broadcast the ESL Pro League Season 18 CS:GO matches.

And Brazil was not just represented by Gaules. Streamer Cellbit also appeared in the top 10 last week. In eighth place, the Brazilian had 1.25 million hours watched in 48 hours and 30 minutes on air.

Photo: Reproduction/Marcelo Maragni

Most popular streamers in the 1st week of September (in hours watched)

  1. Gaules: 3.16 million
  2. EliasN97: 2.37 million
  3. Trymacs: 2.01 million
  4. shroud: 1.86 million
  5. Ibai: 1.82 million
  6. Jynxzi: 1.54 million
  7. CohhCarnage: 1.32 million
  8. Cellbit: 1.25 million
  9. KaiCenat: 1.22 million
  10. ESLCS: 1.15 million
cellbit, Brazilian Twitch streamer
Photo: Reproduction
Bruno Martins
published in September 8, 2023


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