This Thursday (31), Epic Games offers players a new free game: Cave Story+. considered the indie essential” by many critics, the title was originally developed by Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya in 2004 during his spare time in college. this edition this is an improved version, bringing new features and extra content.

Perhaps partly responsible for its success, the aesthetics of Cave Story+ reminiscent of classic platform games that Daisuke played in his childhood — like Metroid e Castlevaniaboth released in 1986. Gameplay revolves around exploring areas, defeating enemies and obtaining special items to aid the hero in his journey..

For curiosity, the stylistic choice in Cave Story+ also enabled Daisuke to enrich the project with even more arta versatility that could not be so well explored in three-dimensional graphics.

Check out the trailer for Cave Story+:

How to redeem Cave Story+ for free?

For rescue Cave Story+ for freejust go to your Epic Store page at this link and click “Get”. As usual, the offer is valid for one week, ending on September 7th at 12:00 noon.

Outside the promotional period, Cave Story+ can be purchased from the Epic Store for R$28.99.

What will be the next free game on the Epic Store?

Spelldrifter mixes elements of Turn-based RPG and TCG.Fonte: Epic Games

Blending elements of a turn-based RPG and collectible card gameplay, Game drives will be the next free game on the Epic Store. Its elaborate combat system, named Tick System, is its main differential and challenge for players.

Game drives can be redeemed for free on the Epic Store starting next Thursday (7), at 12 pm, until the 14th of September. Released in 2019, the base game costs R$37.99 in the store.

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