We are getting closer and closer to the launch of Starfieldand with that many are already beginning to wonder about The Elder Scrolls VI. However, Bethesda has already anticipated and said that it’s good not to expect news about the RPG so soon.

Speaking to Spanish website Vandal, Pete Hines, Head of Publishing at Bethesda, revealed that The Elder Scrolls VI it is still “in the early stages of development”. I.e, the tip is not to wait for news in the coming years.

“Don’t expect to hear any news about The Elder Scrolls VI shortly. At the moment, our focus is on Starfieldand it will remain our priority for some time to come before we can talk again about anything else,” explained Hines.

Early announcement?

It is worth remembering that, since it was announced in 2018, all the public has had the chance to see so far is a small teaser and some comments regarding the development process. After that, everything we could read was based on documents and speculation.

Because of this premature announcement, Todd Howard, director of Starfield and also the Elder Scrolls franchise, said that perhaps this was not the best move for the company, as it generated a lot of expectation in the community.

“I wonder a lot about this [se foi uma boa ideia ter anunciado o game muito cedo]. I don’t know. I might have done it differently, maybe more casually.”commented Howard in an interview with GQ.

As such, it’s best not to wait for anything new from The Game Awards this year, or even at some major gaming event scheduled for 2024.

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