the time of CS:GO is coming to an end, but there are still players building their story in the game. This time, Snax was the main character. The Polish hit the historic mark of 43,531 kills in his entire career. The number took the player to first place among the athletes with the most kills in the history of the game.

Snax was in second position behind the Swede JW. Last Sunday (27), the Polish player played a match for Pump and made 62 kills in the series and surpassed his co-worker. However, the record is not static, as JW continues to be active for EYEBALLERS and will be able to pass Snax in the future.

Top 5 players with the most kills in CS:GO

  1. Snax: 43,531
  2. JW: 43.474
  3. LUNCHES: 42,787
  4. tabsN: 42,054
  5. bubble: 41488
Photo: Playback/HLTV

The Brazilians on the list are far from the top. The player from Brazil with the most kills in CS:GO history is coldzera with 31,288 slaughters; FalleN appears in the sequence with 30,987 eliminations. A little further back, fer figure on the list with 28,816 kills.

Bruno Martins
published in August 29, 2023


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