A RED Canids was deleted from CBLOL 2023 2nd Split and ended up in third place overall in the championship. They lost last Sunday to paiN Gaming, by 3-2, in a very exciting series.

After defeat, AegisMatilha’s jungler, opened a live stream to talk about how this last stage was, the community and also about the stigmas that were being placed on his personality on the team.

The Aegis Outburst

Without taking it to heart, without any malice. You guys who watch Minerva say that Aegis only knows how to play carry, I don’t know what Xuxa is. Like, bro, first of all, this stuff doesn’t even exist from Xuxa, etc.

Only if he was like that when he was a proplayer, but like that, someone will never force another to play the way he wants. if we in this team had three discussions, it was a lot. About this carry stuff, that impression passed because when I started at CBLOL, that was the goal and I played with everything.

Aegis also spoke about the narrative created around her personality.

At first I thought it was funny, Xuxa’s stuff and stuff, you know? But, you get a lot of stacks, man. You act like… everything these guys say is true, that I run the team, that I have to do it my way, like bro, you travel a lot. In truth. […]

[…] It’s bizarre. People say they follow me like that and they don’t know me, man. They talk about pride, I don’t know what. fans can say that Aegis is very bad, Aegis is a troll, they play very badly with that. But he doesn’t spread the word that I command everyone, that I’m superb, a little star.

Comparison with the narrative created with Grevthar

You can say that the Aegis is bad, I don’t know what. That’s not a problem, but, bro, don’t create narratives about me and my behavior as a team. Just like they did with Grevthar, they kept saying that the kid’s lane was weak, just because he has a giant quality that is being very good at impacting the map and he needs to know how to play the lane right for that to work.

Then the guy takes the carry and you guys are making fun of the guy, that’s another thing, but he stays quiet and I lived with him and I knew how he was with that.

Final of CBLOL 2023 2nd Split will be between paiN and LOUD

The tournament decision is coming! LOUD and paiN will make the third consecutive final of the competition. With two victories for the emerald organization, Tradicionais seek to scare away the runners-up and finally lift a cup again.

The confrontation between the two teams takes place in the September 9th, in Recife. Follow the complete coverage of the CBLOL 2023 2nd split with the schedule of games, results, table and other information here on More Esports!

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