A FURY has been training his new team for just under two months. During that time, the Brazilian team competed in four competitions, two of which were open qualifiers from the IEM Sydney 2023. However, the quintet did not show good results and will have a new opportunity to change that.

Turning the key is necessary

A Pinnacle Cup V it is a chance that FURIA will have to turn the key and demonstrate good results. It is logical that the evolution and growth of the team’s chemistry will not happen overnight, but the quintet has a lot of individual quality and their last performances were not satisfactory.

The problem is neither new nor caused by the new acquisitions of the CS:GO. The organization has not had good results in the last year and needs to present a good game for its fans and show a sign of evolution to its people.

Despite being FURIA’s debut in Pinnacle Cup V, the team will have a decision in the first game. This is due to the fact that the team entered the quarterfinals of the competition. In this stage, the Brazilians will face the Danes from Espionage. If they win, they will face Monte in the semifinals.

Photo: Playback/HLTV

Opportunity ahead, bad results behind

Pinnacle Cup V could be the best way for FURIA to turn the key in the season and achieve a result in line with its quality. This will give more confidence to the players and also to the fans, who want a positive result.

The last games of the team are not encouraging, but the community trusts the individual quality of the players and the constant evolution of the quintet in the season. In the last eight games — between MD1 and MD3 — the Brazilian team has only won two. FURIA comes from five straight defeats.

Hopes will always be with the Brazilians, and FURIA needs to take that strength and put it on the server for the victories to be constant again and, consequently, the confidence of the players to increase for an even more consistent evolution.

fury team at iem cologne
Photo: Playback/HLTV
Bruno Martins
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