LOUD ran over paiN Gaming last weekend. With another 3-0the organization qualified for the final of the CBLOL 2023 2nd Splitwhich will be in Recife, on September 9th.

Organization players provoked the rival, like tinows and Croc still on Sunday. In After the Crime, Robo detailed his confrontation with Wizer. Already on the channel Schaeppinarrator of the tournament, the South Korean spoke a little more about the LOUD for the future.

I think our split isn’t over, we’re still trying to qualify for the Worlds. This Split is just one step towards Worlds and making history. So I’m certainly happy, but it’s still not enough.

Asks who he wants to face in the final, Croc he joked and says he wants to paiNbecause he felt it would be “easier” to guarantee another title.

I want to play against paiN, because then another trophy is guaranteed for us.

Playback/Riot Games

paiN can still reach the final of CBLOL 2023 2nd split

Even with the loss to LOUD, the Traditionals are still alive in the tournament. That’s because now they were allocated in the lower bracket, along with INTZ e RED Canids. PaiN’s opponent will even leave this first confrontation.

Matilha and Intrépidos face each other on Saturday (26), and, on Sunday (27), the winner of the match decides the last finalist against Tradicionais.

Luis Santana
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