In parallel to the main story, Baldur’s Gate 3 offers many side quests, almost all of which are relevant to the plot. Among the most interesting quests are those for groupmates, and its conclusions allow you to develop a romance with that character.

Getting involved with a character doesn’t make it impossible to complete other personal quests, but it usually closes off other romance options, so favorite terms are natural. One of the most beloved characters in the game is the vampire Astarion, and we’ve prepared a guide on how to convince him to be more just a friend..

Conquering Astarion

Astarion’s first appearance is shortly after the Ilithid ship crashes, but Be careful not to miss this step.. Once you recover from the fall, before investigating the beach, head southeast from the area where the Nautiloid crashed.

Astarion can be found west of where the Nautiloid crashed.Source: Baldur’s Gate 3 via TecMundo

The NPC will be hiding next to the rubble of a containment pod and will attack you. To add him to the group, just let him enter your mind and see that, like him, you are also a victim who had been kidnapped.

All the NPCs that can join your party have quite tragic personal dramas, and it wouldn’t be any different with the restricted diet elf. According to the mythology presented in Baldur’s Gate 3, Astarion is not, properly speaking, a vampire, but a servant and servant of Cazador, a powerful vampire..

Astarion is a spawn of Cazador, a powerful vampire who has far from pleasant plans for his servant.Astarion is a spawn of Cazador, a powerful vampire who has far from pleasant plans for his servant.Source: Baldur’s Gate 3 via TecMundo

For that reason, it’s not difficult to be enchanted by the character, even for players aligned with good choices. Your personal mission revolves around your seeks to free himself from Cazador’s influence and this is the first step to conquer him.

As with Shadowheart (Umbralma), to have a romance with Astarion you need to start this dialogue route right in the first act. Before saving the Tiefling refugees from the goblin camp, make sure you’ve pleased him enough in conversation and attitude for him to suggest a “little mess” after this optional quest.

Pleasing the Pale Elf

On the other hand, Astarion is still a rogue, greedy and somewhat selfish.. This means that being too generous is almost always going to upset him. It is not necessary, necessarily, to deny each and every opportunity to be kind, but prioritize choices that put your interests and goals first.

An important point that makes a lot of difference to gain points with the NPC happens in the first long rest after adding it to the group. Like all good vampires, he will try to suck your blood during the night.

It is possible to convince him to give up, but allowing the situation is practically mandatory for romance. Without too many spoilers, let the situation flow as you like, but be careful, as the result can be somewhat unpleasant, although predictable.

Furthermore, by his nature as a creature of the night, he will always approve align with monstrous beings and more violent approaches. Astarion has an urgent need to take care of his personal problems, and trying to convince enemies to resolve everything in conversation is time he is not willing to spend.

As was to be expected, Astarion has a seductive personality, is quite vain, and even a little conceited.. It combines elements of the original Dracula with Anne Rice’s Lestat, so it doesn’t hurt to rave about it whenever possible and support him when his almost performative dramas roll.

Attitudes that increase approval:

  • Supporting your vampire status—“victim”;
  • Ally with villainous creatures: Gnols, goblins, undead, demons, etc;
  • Be ruthless;
  • Support your whining — also make a drama out of it eventually;
  • Appreciate luxury, culture, etiquette and other fine things;
  • Demonstrate power—and even cruelty.

Attitudes that decrease approval:

  • Altruism
  • Commitment — including with other peers;
  • Demonstrate or recognize your own flaws and weaknesses;
  • Avoid or mediate conflicts;
  • Judging his condition and litany of “The-Cazador-ruined-my-life”.

Advancing the relationship in Act 2

Before entering the area that releases the last events of the second act — where part of Umbralma’s personal mission is also concluded —, the Demon Raphael appears with an offer. In exchange for eliminating one of your enemies which is hidden in the temple of the Shar, he offers reveal details about Astarion’s past.

As the snippet is mandatory to advance the main quest, it is impossible to miss this event. Just advance through the puzzles and follow the hints found in the area and you’ll find the secondary quest objective.

Raphael offers a contract to eliminate one of his opponents in exchange for revealing details of Astarion's past - and future.Raphael offers a contract to eliminate one of his opponents in exchange for revealing details of Astarion’s past – and future.Source: Larian Studios | Disclosure

Allying with a demon is almost never a smart option, but the foe in question is another demon. Therefore, fulfilling Raphael’s request, in addition to giving a lot of experience, frees up the final missions to have a romance with the group’s vampire. Gear up and rest because the fight is long.

That done, Astarion will start some more conversations before the end of the act, usually when activating the long rest option. If you are in a hurry and have enough resources, do this once or twice before completing the main questindulge the vampire to the max in your dialogues, and the way is set for having a steamy romance with the bloodsucker.


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