Despite having been officially launched, the CS2 It still has several bugs. That said, players found a very broken bug in Vertigo, where, literally, the dolls float in the air and guarantee an absurd advantage against opponents.

The problem consists of a play that requires three teammates. While one performs the function of running boost, two others take advantage and remain suspended in the air to have a privileged view of the opponents, eliminating them without any major problems; look.

Bug appeared after CS2 update

The bug was discovered after the October 17th update, which changed how ‘alias’ works. Alias ​​is a command made in the developer console that creates a custom command for whatever function the player wants.

In the update, Valve stated that it fixed bugs where players could see through the ceiling of maps, but the ‘air peek’ bug became available. Despite being OP, players are not yet abusing the bug, but they may do so if Valve does not fix the error in a next update.

Photo: Reproduction
Bruno Martins
published in October 18, 2023


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