A video from seven years ago has resurfaced on social media, exposing Xand. The clip in question depicts a game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)where Xand worked professionally before migrating to VALUING. In the video, after losing the match, he used a racist insult against his opponent, saying “Preto f#d@$o”.

Xand’s confirmation and statement on leaked video

Given the repercussion of the video, Xand used social media to confirm the clip and issue a public statement. In his speech, he apologized for his attitude and emphasized that he is no longer the same person he was seven years ago, when the incident occurred.

I don’t want to write a cliché about someone who does shit, but it’s obvious that I’m not that guy and at the time I had no idea of ​​the weight of those words. I’m not going to run away from my mistake and regardless if this happened 7 years ago, and I was a complete idiot.

I apologize to all black people who I directly offended by using these words in a pejorative tone. If there is any way to fix this, if there is, I’m willing. I just don’t want to be linked to that person from 7 years ago that I hate.

It is worth remembering that Xand, who has played for teams like KRÜ it’s at Legacy, is currently without a team. Recently, the player competes in the MEGchampionship OFF//SEASONfor the The Unionwhich ended its activities this week.

Furthermore, xand was one of the names of interest in LOUD e MIBR to join the squads for 2024, however, negotiations and conversations did not progress.

MEG’s position on the case

In addition to Xand, last Tuesday (17) another case of racism occurred in the middle of the championship, when a player also made racist speeches. On Wednesday morning, the event organizers published a note on social media about the events.

Furthermore, the More Esports contacted the event organizers about Xand’s ban from the championship, however, there were no responses regarding the situation.

(Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games)

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/valorant-xand-se-pronuncia-apos-falas-racistas-em-video-de-csgo

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