Last Wednesday (25), the Heroic surprised the community CS2 when announcing that staff e forgery went to the reserve bench. The organization also exposed a conflict in which players asked for the departure of cadiaNbut refused to renew the contract due to a transfer agreement to Astralis.

O streamer Gauls gave his opinion on the crisis that took place at Heroic and criticized the organization. According to the content creator, the fact that players have a say in the organization’s strategic decisions does not exist and is wrong.

What the hell is this about the organization letting the player decide who will leave, saying: ‘It’s us or him’. They are paid to play, they are under contract, they are going to play. If they don’t want to play like that, when the contract ends, they leave, go to the bench now and don’t get paid. Now, Heroic will have to sell two players. We are in 2024 and it is still the players who decide who will play, unbelievable.

Gaules also criticized Heroic’s management by calling them amateurs in handling the situation. The Brazilian also stated that Heroic made a mistake in exposing the controversy on social media.

They accepted what two players asked for, they were fools in accepting what they asked for, they kicked the team captain, they should have kicked the player. They were idiots twice and they are being idiots a third time by exposing all this on the internet. This is not transparency, this is amateurism on the part of the board. You don’t give this right to two players who are under contract to decide whether the captain will leave or not. This has to be the decision of the coach and the board. There has to be management.

In crisis, Heroic will have a tough fight ahead in the competitions. The team will play against FURY next Friday (27) in a game that counts for qualification to the playoffs of Robert Cup 2023. The team is playing with Chr1zN e head how to complete.

Photo: Reproduction/Marcelo Maragni
Bruno Martins
published in October 26, 2023


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