This League of Legends player found an innovative way to integrate the game into his home. Using Python programming, he synchronized his smart lamp with the champion’s ultimate Aatrox in the game.

When the player activates Aatrox’s ultimate, the room’s lamp instantly changes to a darker red, mimicking the colors that surround the game screen during the ability. See the result:

Controlling my bedroom lights with Aatrox R
byu/PxINKY inleagueoflegends

Attention to the details of Aatrox’s ult

But the programming doesn’t stop there. As the seconds of the ultimate’s effect pass, the color changes from red to purple, and in the final seconds the lamp emits a visual signal, alerting the player that the effect is ending. When the ultimate ends, the light returns to its normal color.

The publication reached more than 4,200 likes and has hundreds of comments. Users gave the idea of ​​integrating with other champions that change their form during the ult, such as Swain or Lulu.

Others were more daring and asked for integration with Nocturne’s ult, turning off the light in the room whenever the champion used the skill.

So, would this integration look good with your main’s skills in LoL?

Reproduction/Riot Games
Bruno Rodrigues
published in October 26, 2023edited 3 days ago


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