CounterStrike 2 was finally released this week for PC via Steam. To take advantage of the title’s arrival, Nvidia highlighted the competitive advantages of running the game on a GeForce graphics card with Nvidia Reflex. Video and table chart tests show how NVIDIA Reflex makes the game more responsive, especially at high frame rates.

The NVIDIA Reflex feature is not only supported on the latest graphics cards, in fact, is available for GPUs since the GTX 900 series. However, of course the better your GPU, the more frames per second it will deliver in Counter-Strike 2 and the benefits of lower latency will be even greater.

The video above published by the company still shows very well the advantage of low command latency. The higher the frame rate, the less command latency, which is further reduced with Nvidia Reflex. With the game at 360fps on a 360Hz display, for example, command latency is just between 17ms according to Nvidia.

In addition to making the advantage of Reflex clear, Nvidia also shared performance results for several video cards at different levels. Check out:

Benchmarks das RTX 40 em Counter-Strike 2Source: Nvidia

How is CS2 running on Nvidia RTX GPUs?

The company also shared graphics from video cards from other RTX and GTX generations, which can help you get a better idea of ​​overall performance. One GTX 1060 can deliver an average of 106 fps at 1080p and maximum quality. Check it out in detail:

RTX/GTX xx80 em 1440p de Counter-Strike 2RTX/GTX xx80 em 1440p de Counter-Strike 2Source: Nvidia

RTX/GTX xx70 em 1080p de Counter-Strike 2RTX/GTX xx70 em 1080p de Counter-Strike 2Source: Nvidia

What is Nvidia Reflex?

In general, Nvidia Reflex optimizes the rendering pipeline in relation to the CPU and GPU, reducing or removing pauses that this process may have between these two components.

If you have an Nvidia GeForce graphics card, it’s simple to enable NVIDIA Reflex in CS2, just follow the steps:

  1. Open the game
  2. Go to settings
  3. Navigate to “Video”
  4. Navigate to “Advanced Video”
  5. Set “NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency” to “On”

To use Nvidia Reflex in CS2, the company recommends leaving the feature always enabled or even enabling NVIDIA Reflex + Boost to use some of the GPU’s processing power to further deduct latency, with the potential to lose a little fps. in that case.


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