LOUD debuts next Tuesday (10) at Worlds 2023! The Brazilian team faces the Marines and is in the same group as PSG Talon e Rainbow7.

Over the days, the More Esports will bring texts about the possible opponents of the LOUD in the championship. Today, we will talk about Gigabyte Marines, VCS champion and opponent of the Brazilian team in the first match of the tournament. If you don’t know the history of GAM, watch the video below:

A Marines na VCS

Unlike teams in the same bracket, the Gigabyte Marines arrives at Worlds 2023 with four consecutive titles in its league. In the regular phase of this second stage, the Vietnamese dominated and came in first place.

In the playoffs, they only suffered in the upper bracket final and easily won the two other games they had, with just one defeat in each series.

Reproduction/Riot Games

How do Marines play?

Since their origins, Vietnamese teams have been a little crazy in the way they play and that, in a way, is not wrong. They like chaos and make it their greatest strength in matches, as they are used to it.

This style of play allows them to gain advantages sooner and finish the game faster, as they create a snowball in the midst of all the confusion they cause by basically buying most of the moves. This reflects on the team’s average victory, which is 29 minutesthe lowest among the teams in its group.

Furthermore, the Vietnamese have a winning percentage of 88.9% when they reach 15 minutes with an advantage. In other words, when they start winning, they hardly let the other team come back, finishing the game with the advantages they get right away in the matches.

Levi, the Marines standout

A name well known to connoisseurs of the ancient times of international LoL, Levi returned to the Marines in the recent past and continues to be the guy on this team, just as he was previously.

Known for its creativity and unusual choices, the jungle is a thorn in the side for those who face it and LOUD will need to be very careful in how they punish and whether they make it comfortable in the game.

LoL Levi
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What does LOUD need to do?

Here the plan is simple and direct: do not let the Levi like the game. He is the Marines’ main guy and creates a lot of plays, which can snowball in his team’s favor. The Vietnamese also have a strong top part of the map, so we have to be careful.

That said, this won’t be a match we focus on Tinowns, Robo or Croc, is a match for the bot duo. Ceos and Route are much better than the opposing duo, which means that we need to give them an advantage so that all this superiority is also reflected in the game.

It won’t be easy, obviously, no game is. But, in a live, Shaquinn, LOUD’s coach, commented that the team used to beat Marines in training during MSI 2023, so they must know an efficient way to combat them.

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Image of the LOUD team, which beat paiN in the CLBOL 2023 2nd split final
(Image: Disclosure/CBLOL)

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