The ability of a game de terror To immerse the player in a frightening environment often depends on how the studio uses all available resources, including the player’s own voice. The idea of ​​using the microphone to capture genuine reactions and incorporate them into the experience is not just a technical innovation, but an ingenious way to personalize gameplay to make it even more intimate and disturbing.

This approach transforms the player from a mere spectator to an active part of the nightmare, where every sigh, scream, or word spoken can be used against them. And this can range from simple character responses in-game to more sophisticated mechanisms that alter gameplay based on captured audio.

Scene from the game Don’t Scream, which knows how to use the microphone feature very well to scare players.Source: Steam

The impact of a horror game that uses the microphone to scare you It’s two-fold: while it builds adrenaline and tension, it also resets expectations of what it truly means to be “immersed” in the experience. Of course, it’s best to stay away if you have a faint heart.

Horror games that use the microphone to scare you

Want to meet some horror games that use the microphone to scare players? So check out seven games of this genre below that can provide you with a truly immersive experience!

1. Phasmophobia (Xbox Series X|S e PC)

Em Phasmophobia, players take on the role of paranormal investigators who basically hunt spirits using the microphone — and there are a variety of different interactions, each more surprising than the last. This feature intensifies the immersion and creates a very tense environment.

2. Alien: Isolation (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Switch e PC)

Produced by Creative Assembly, Alien: Isolation employs a subtle and sly approach to his use of the microphone. At certain stages of the game, the actual noise produced by players can attract the Xenomorph’s attention. I don’t even need to tell you what happens if you scream when you’re scared, right? (If you’re still wondering: yes, it’s definitely death).

3. Lethal Company (PC)

In critical situations, such as interrogations or ambushes, players can use voice commands to control certain character actions in Lethal Company, a game produced by Zeekerss that has been attracting a lot of attention from the community in recent weeks. Such mechanics, of course, add a layer of immersion and strategy, where the player’s voice becomes a vital tool for the success of the missions.

4. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (versão de Nintendo Wii)

In the version of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Released for the Nintendo Wii, the Wii Remote’s microphone is used in an ingenious way to intensify the horror atmosphere — the game also arrived on other platforms, but this feature was only available on the Big N console.

During certain moments, the player is invited to speak or make noises to interact with the environment or trigger specific events, making each game session something very peculiar and expanding the feeling of being truly immersed in the disturbing universe of Silent Hill.

5. Don’t Scream (PC)

Em Don’t Scream, players explore the eerie Pineview Forest during a session that takes about 18 minutes. The main objective is to not let any screams escape your mouth, but if this happens, the game will record even the quietest sounds through your microphone — if you are discovered, the session will be reset.

This feature, combined with a series of dynamic and unpredictable scares, ensures that no two games are the same. These characteristics are very positive, especially for those who like jump scares — and, of course, a high replay factor. This is definitely not for the faint of heart.

6. Amnesia: Rebirth (PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S e PC)

The history of Amnesia: Rebirth revolves around Tasi Trianon, an engineer who embarks on an expedition in the Algerian desert — but soon has to deal with the situation of her plane crashing in the middle of nowhere. Quickly, players are faced with moments of pure terror during gameplay, where whispers and murmurs can also be heard.

The use of the microphone allows the scares to be even more intensified, as the volume and tone of the player’s voice can directly influence the environment’s reaction, providing a more personalized and immersive horror experience.

7. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (PS4 e PSVR)

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood offers an intense virtual reality experience on PSVR, where the player’s microphone is used to capture screams and noises from the surrounding environment to attract the attention of enemies.

Players not only face the visual horrors created by Supermassive Games, but they also need to carefully manage their sonic presence to avoid even scarier situations, providing complete sensory immersion in the game’s universe.

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