A LOUD won the paiN Gaming na final do CBLOL 2024 1° split and became champion for the fourth time in a row! O More Esports spoke exclusively with the Robothe current seven-time CBLOL champion, about the series and the MSI 2024.

Robo, this LOUD series was very difficult, but I wanted to know: was it one of the most difficult series you’ve ever played?

Wow, this series was very difficult, I think it’s in the top two most difficult of my career with Flamengo, from what I remember now. Man, what an insane series and I’m glad I managed to come away with the victory, because if I lost, I would be really sad, you know?!

Since the Franchise Era was the most disputed that you have played so far?

Oh it was without a doubt. The other three, if I’m not mistaken, we managed to win 3-0 or at most lost a game there which, even so, didn’t get much out of our control. Today’s series got a little out of our control, so much so that they had a 2-1 lead. It was a very difficult series.

Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

With the victory of the fourth LOUD title, you are just one title away from tying with INTZ. At the time of Exódia, players commented that there wasn’t as much competitiveness within Brazil, do you think this happens with LOUD too?

Maybe yes, in other years I think we were winning all the playoff series pretty easily, so I think we were dominating Brazil a lot. But now, in the first split of 2024, paiN showed that they can compete with us too, they took us to a fifth game, the series was really difficult, so we once again have a worthy opponent.

Robo, how much did this lack of competitiveness in the past years influence and weigh on you moving up or down the LOUD evolution scale?

Well, it’s very difficult to maintain progress when basically everything you do works. So we don’t have much idea of ​​what is really good, what will really work out there or not and because of that it becomes very difficult, I think this is the biggest problem that we suffer and suffer. I hope this year is different.

Image of Robo speaking about LOUD at MSI 2024 during the CBLOL 2024 press conference
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You said in several interviews that you were training thinking about improving your international performance. When did this occur?

I trained basically the entire split, from the beginning. I think people noticed a change in my style of play, and all of this was focused on trying to do better internationally, so I’m very happy that I managed to win the CBLOL again. Because there’s no point in changing your style and losing the CBLOL, and me winning shows that the style I’m choosing for this year is working here. It’s time to test it out there, I hope it works.

Image: DuJynxx/Mais Esports

This was Stardust’s first title, and I wanted to know: what was it like working with him?

Man, I think Stardust is a very intelligent guy, he understands a lot about the game, little decisions, little things that maybe we wouldn’t notice, he understands. So he’s helping us more in this part of not making small mistakes, because out there people punish any little mistake, especially since we’re going to play against TES, which is a top team, I think that if we don’t have These mistakes in your head are harder not to make. With this, we already know our mistakes because of him, we will be able to focus a little better to improve that part and not make that mistake, so that’s what he adds.

In the photo, coach Stardust, from LOUD
Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

Regarding TES, you will face 369. How is your heart and preparation?

So I haven’t had time to prepare yet, but I really enjoy watching his games, we have a very similar champion pool and I’m really looking forward to facing him on an international stage. Until then, because I only faced him in solo queue a few times and I want to see his level, because he was considered by many to be the best top player in the world for a long time, so I want to see how my level is too.

Robo, LOUD had a chance to play against Zeus, against Bin and against 369. Which one did your heart cry out to face?

I think all three of them are insane players, I respect all of them a lot and any of the three I would be happy (to face), but the one I really wanted to face was Faker. The guy isn’t even in my lane, but I really wanted to play with him, because that’s what I said in some interviews: playing against him in an international championship is a huge honor, few players can do it. So I wanted to have this on my CV, unfortunately Riot’s draw didn’t help, right? But if we pass the stage, we can face each other, so let’s go.

In the photo, Faker smiling in an interview with Ashley Kang
Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

Croc surpassed Revolta in the number of titles, how much can you say that he is really the best import that has ever been through our league?

Man, in my opinion, the best is always the one who wins the most. I think that Croc showing that he is the Import and the jungler, if I’m not mistaken, with more titles just shows that he is insanely good. So I think the results speak for themselves, no one needs to talk about whether he is or isn’t, whoever won more, in my opinion, is better.

In the photo, Croc, the LOUD jungler
Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

Robo, talking a little about the paiN fans and the barbs, do you think that was an added boost for LOUD?

Man, I think that for me, honestly, it doesn’t change that much. I think Redbert commented that it gave him more fuel because the paiN fans today were well beyond the acceptable limit, in my opinion. Especially when they opened 2-1 so, being able to beat them even with so much offense is very good because they left here quiet as always and sad as always, well done.

Robo, what are your expectations for playing MSI in China with LOUD?

Man, I’m very excited and confident. We know that this year specifically we won’t have time to do a bootcamp and, maybe this will help us, because I think the experience I had in the last bootcamps was difficult because we got very good training so we started to change our priorities for It counts on scrims and I think that this year won’t happen because we won’t have enough time to change everything and we’ll probably play the way we play here in Brazil and maybe we’ll have a better performance, but I don’t know , I can’t say.

In the photo, Brazilian representatives at MSI
Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

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