Elon Musk is a name that has been dividing opinions on social media recently. Amidst the strangeness with Alexandre de Moraes, minister of the STF, the billionaire was involved in yet another controversy recently — this time with a veteran of Elden Ring.

On X, his own social network, Musk implicated a veteran of Elden Ring, who beat the game using only Morse Code — quite a feat, let’s face it. The billionaire said in the video Silithur that the final battle “was beautiful, but easy”, inviting the streamer to try his luck using the same strategy against Malenia.

On the same day, Silithur published the aforementioned video defeating Maleniausing only Morse Code, and then mocked the businessman: “Well… Easy because I’m very good at this game, you mean?”, asked the streamer.

Watch the video of the feat:

The post quickly accumulated tens of thousands of likes, far surpassing Musk’s tweet and representing his defeat in the “argument.” On the old Twitter, this setback is popularly known as “ratio” — a curious effect to observe against the CEO of the social network itself!

Elon Musk has already had a hard time with Elden Ring players in 2022

It’s worth remembering another occasion when Musk got into trouble with fans of Elden Ring on the social networks. In 2022, the businessman praised FromSoftware’s game and the topic ended up becoming a hot topic at the time, with many onlookers questioning the businessman about his build in the game.

“A powerful but decent mage with a sword/katana,” he replied. He then posted images with his character’s build and attributes — which, to say the least, left a lot of people without understanding anything.

Elon Musk’s build in Elden Ring was mocked by fans of the game in 2022.Font: Bandai Namco

Musk stated that his character in Elden Ring he was a wizard, which, at least in terms of attributes, he was correct — since he had leveled up Mind and Intelligence. The real problem is that, in addition to the extremely heavy armor for his class, he had not just one, but two swords and two shields equipped — in addition to the staff in one of his hands.

Furthermore, he used the Radagon’s Soreseal, an amulet that increases Stamina, Resistance, Strength and Dexterity, but at the cost of receiving 15% more damage — an item that works very well on characters who use physical weapons, which is not his case. On the other hand, you were right to use the Graven-Schoolwhich increases the power of spells.

Build the magician of Elon Musk in Elden Ring.Build the magician of Elon Musk in Elden Ring.Source: Elon Musk (X)

Considering that a mage needs mobility to quickly escape danger and position himself, Elon Musk’s entire build in Elden Ring it was a problem. Due to the armor and all the other items equipped, your character was potentially quite heavy, especially when doing somersaults. Furthermore, the amulets did not match their class and attributes.

In the end, if Musk’s build worked for him and led him to glory in the Middle Lands, why not? However, there were much smarter ways to do this.

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Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/voxel/282130-elon-musk-implica-veterano-elden-ring-acaba-sendo-zoado-twitter.htm

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