In this article we will show you which teams beat the CBLOL (Brazilian League of Legends championship). See the complete list of all tournament champions and also check out which team has the most titles.

Which team won the most CBLOL?

A INTZ is the team that beat CBLO the mostL, counting on five titles no total.

Which teams won the CBLOL?

Although the championship has been in existence for over 10 years, to date “only” nine teams have won the competition. Below, see the complete list of all teams that have won the CBLOL:

  • INTZ – 5 titles
  • Kaboom! – 4 titles
  • LOUD – 4 titles
  • paiN Gaming – 3 titles
  • RED Kalunga – 3 titles
  • Flamengo – 1 title
  • Team One – 1 title
  • Live Keyd – 1 title
  • VCT Ignis – 1 title

When did the teams beat the CBLOL?

  • INTZ – 2015 (1st split), 2016 (1st and 2nd splits), 2019 (1st split) and 2020 (2nd split)
  • Kaboom! – 2014 (2nd split), 2018 (1st and 2nd splits) and 2020 (1st split)
  • LOUD – 2022 (2nd split), 2023 (1st and 2nd splits) and 2024 (1st split)
  • paiN Gaming – 2013, 2015 (2nd split) and 2021 (1st split)
  • RED Kalunga – 2017 (1st split), 2021 (2nd split) and 2022 (1st split)
  • Flamengo – 2019 (2° split)
  • Team One – 2017 (2° split)
  • Live Keyd – 2014 (2° split)
  • VCT Ignis- 2012

List updated in 2024.

Other frequently asked questions about the teams that won the CBLOL

Next, we will answer some frequently asked questions about the teams that won the CBLOL, when they won, how many titles they have, among others.

What is the last team that won the CBLOL?

LOUD is the last CBLOL champion. The organization won the first split of 2024.

Who was the first CBLOL champion?

The first CBLOL champion is VCT Ignis, back in 2012.

How many titles does LOUD have in total on CBLOL?

LOUD has four CBLOL titles, which were won consecutively.

How many titles does paiN have in the CBLOL?

paiN has three CBLOL titles.

When did Flamengo beat the CBLOL?

Flamengo beat CBLOL in the 2nd split of 2019.

How many times did Robo win CBLOL?

Robo won the CBLOL seven times (updated in 2024).

Which player has the most CBLOL titles?

Robo is the player with the most CBLOL titles, having won the tournament seven times.

What is the biggest CBLOL team?

INTZ is considered the biggest CBLOL team in terms of number of titles, having won five editions. LOUD is the biggest CBLOL team in terms of consistency, having won four editions in a row. paiN is considered the biggest CBLOL team in terms of fans.

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