The transfer window is still in full swing behind the scenes! A Kaboom is one of the teams that is looking to put together a competitive team for the next stage of the CBLOL, as it didn’t go well this year.

O More Esports found out that the Ninjas want TitaN. The organization has already had conversations with the player and presented a proposal for the RED Canids. At this moment, Kabum has competition from paiN Gaming for the player.

It is known behind the scenes that the four-time CBLOL champion will come with a lot of budget for the next stage and is therefore targeting good names, such as dyNquedo and Ranger, in addition to studying keeping the South Korean Lonely.

Photo: Riot Games

TitaN in her first stint at Kabum

If the negotiation comes to fruition, this would be TitaN’s second stint with the Ninjas. The player was present in the organization’s golden era in which they achieved two consecutive CBLOL titles.

It was at Kabum where TitaN emerged onto the LoL scene as one of the most promising players in his position. Today, ADC has four tournament titles and won the other two with RED Canids.

What does Kabum say?

When contacted by the report, Kabum says it does not comment on market speculation regarding transfers in the CBLOL.

Luis Santana
published in September 30, 2023edited 6 hours ago


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