Shooting games are some of the most popular among players, and part of this is due to the fact that many of them do not require the famous “NASA PC” to run satisfactorily. For some of them, a modest computer can even display your content at the highest graphics settings.

If you are a fan of the genre, below we have listed seven options that you can download today to enjoy on your computer without worrying so much about bottlenecks, crashes and other problems caused by weak hardware. Check out!

1. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a game released by Valve that has been on the road for some good years, but still manages to be a lot of fun due to its battle mechanics and varied maps for confrontations.

The game bets on clashes between teams in which each character has a more specific function (there are nine in total, divided between attack, defense and support), in addition to a cartoonish look that appealed to the public and several cosmetic items to be unlocked.

2. Valuing

Developed by Riot Games, Valuing One of its differences is an extensive list of characters to select fromall of them with a story to explain their motivations for participating in the clashes.

The game arenas are very varied and, to do well here, players need to use their characters’ skills to complement each other on the battlefield and, in this way, surprise their opponents until victory.

3. Counter-Strike 2

The most recent title on the list, Counter-Strike 2 was released in September 2019 and replaced the acclaimed CS:GO. The new free shooter is the biggest update Valve has ever made to its franchise, bringing gameplay refinements and graphical improvements.

Even with technological advances, the formula for success remains the same. In CS2, players are divided into two groups, terrorists and counter-terrorists, and must face each other on maps with hostage missions or blowing up specific points. The result of this is a gameplay full of action, tactics and teamwork.

4. Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 It can be considered a controversial title due to its business model, but it is also a reference in success and for being light. The game was launched in August on Steam and brings the characters that were in the first game to clash on new maps, as well as bringing some new features to the community.

Speaking of characters, here they are also divided into roles such as attacker, support and defender, each with specific skills and different ways of acting on the battlefield. Therefore, it is worth trying each of them and seeing which options best suit your style of play.

5. Fortnite

In addition to being a very light game to run on the PC, Fortnite also presents the possibility of running your content directly from the cloudmaking it an accessible title for all players.

Fortnite It has become one of many people’s favorites because it allows you to bring together a group of people you know to work on different strategies while trying to survive enemy attacks (or destroy your opponents, if you decide to move on to Battle Royale mode).

It’s worth a lot of communication here to coordinate actions and work well with objects collected in the environment, which will certainly be the key to victory.

6. Farlight 84

Farlight 84 is probably one of the most recent games on our list of shooting games to run on weak PCs. Recently released in its full PC version, it is a title that requires dedication to achieve victory.

Among the game’s differences are the characters with a more cartoonish look, in addition to using construction mechanics in confrontations, bringing vehicles to drive in the scenarios, combats against up to 40 people at the same time and, of course, varied equipment to defeat opponents.

7. Roblox

Ok, we know that Roblox It’s not a shooting game by far, but we can’t deny that, in its universe, it’s possible to find several titles of the genre that are capable of entertaining for a long time.

Check out some of these shooting game options in the following lines:

  • Frontlines: first-person view game with graphics that are far from the “boxy” visuals of Robloxin addition to having very fluid gameplay;
  • Pacific Forces: another first-person title that has complete systems with several game modes, as well as weapons to unlock and improve your offensive in combat;
  • Phantom Forces: let’s leave a third first-person shooter option to enjoy within the Roblox com Phantom Forces, which has a footprint similar to Counter-Strike and divides players into teams for confrontations.

And do you know more shooting games that run on a weak PC? Share your suggestions with other readers of the Voxel using our social networks.


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