On the battlefields of the universe Call of Dutythe way Zombies stands out as one of the most fun co-op experiences. And he has a story, huh? Since its opening in CoD: World at War In 2008, hundreds of maps were created, each with its own plot and unique challenges that can give you hours of gameplay.

In this special list of Voxelwe will explore the best and worst maps in the mode Zombies of Call of Dutydelving into the depths of the narrative and gameplay to discover which ones guarantee a truly memorable experience — and, of course, which ones leave something to be desired.

Without further ado, get ready to face hordes of the undead as we travel through the maps of Call of Duty Zombies!

4 best maps in Call of Duty’s Zombies mode

4. The Machine — CoD: Black Ops Cold War

Mapa Die Maschinen no modo Zombies de CoD: Black Ops Cold War.Source: Treyarch Studios

Launched in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold WarDie Maschine marked an excellent start to the mode Zombies about the game. One of Treyarch’s merits here was being able to balance the satisfaction of longtime fans with accessibility for those new to multiplayer.

This, of course, made the Omega underground bunker one of the most satisfying places to play — for both beginners and veterans.

3. The Giant — CoD: World at War

Map Der Riese in Zombies mode from CoD: World at War.Map Der Riese in Zombies mode from CoD: World at War.Font: Reddit

Considered one of the favorites among fans of Call of Duty ZombiesDer Riese was the fourth map to arrive in CoD: World at War. In addition to marking the debut of the iconic Pack-a-Punchwhich enables upgrades and improvements to weapons, he was the first to introduce teleportation machines — which, consequently, enabled new strategies in-game.

The popularity of Der Riese was so great that the map even received a new version in Black Ops III — this time, called The Giant. One of the most fun things about the level, by far, was spending hours eliminating hordes of zombies with the Wunderwaffe DG-2’s beams.

2. Origins — CoD: Black Ops II

Origins map in Zombies mode from CoD: Black Ops II.Origins map in Zombies mode from CoD: Black Ops II.Source: Steam

Origins, the last map in Zombies launched in CoD: Black Ops IImarked a new beginning for the characters Richtofen, Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo, who continued their journeys in the following games in the franchise.

The map unfolds on a World War II battlefield, where players must rescue Samantha Maxis from a mysterious kingdom called Agartha. Furthermore, Origins also features Panzersoldat, a fearsome enemy equipped with very different armor — and very reminiscent of Big Daddy from the series BioShock.

1. Mob Of The Dead — CoD: Black Ops II

Mapa Mob of The Dead no modo Zombies de CoD: Black Ops II.Mapa Mob of The Dead no modo Zombies de CoD: Black Ops II.Fonte:  IMDB

Treyarch’s biggest zombie map, Mob of the Dead arrived during a turbulent time of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Set in Alcatraz prison in 1933, the plot tells the story of four inmates who have to face gigantic hordes of the undead to escape.

The macabre atmosphere of the prison, combined with the engaging narrative and an intriguing outcome, establish Mob of the Dead as one of the coolest maps in Call of Duty Zombies.

4 worst Call of Duty Zombies maps

4. Infection — CoD: Advanced Warfare

Infection map in Zombies mode from CoD: Advanced Warfare.Infection map in Zombies mode from CoD: Advanced Warfare.Source: Co-Optimus

With the intention of renewing the experience in Zombies of Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareSledgehammer introduced exo-suits in the zombies on the Infection map — something that even brought new air, but caused controversy in the community.

With the addition of toxic gas zones and decontamination areas, gameplay in Infection forced players to tirelessly deal with zombies, which ended up affecting the fun. Furthermore, the need to protect several survivors throughout the game made the experience even more frustrating.

3. TranZit — CoD: Black Ops II

TranZit map in Zombies mode from CoD: Black Ops II.TranZit map in Zombies mode from CoD: Black Ops II.Fonte:  Early Game

Although Treyarch has created some of the most incredible levels in Black Ops II, TranZit proves that the studio is not perfect. The map is not only one of the most difficult in the mode Zombiesbut it is also a bad option for those just starting out.

Everything TranZit does is there to be inconvenient. Players are practically forced to adopt a frustrating style of play due to bus travel through different regions. Furthermore, mishaps with fog make it difficult to travel through these places without transport — not to mention the technical problems that can compromise the game.

2. Crazy — CoD: World at War

Mapa Crazy no modo Zombies de CoD: World at War.Mapa Crazy no modo Zombies de CoD: World at War.Source: AFGuidesHD

Verrückt, the first DLC map released for the mode Zombies from the series Call of Dutyintroduced crucial elements such as perks and traps, which ended up becoming the main gameplay mechanics in later titles in the series.

However, its dense gameplay and tight spaces made it one of the most challenging maps in the mode. Zombies. Here, players rely heavily on traps to deal damage in later rounds, and the absence of the machine Pack-a-Punch to make improvements to the arsenal makes maintaining weapons a very difficult task.

1. The Tortured Path — CoD: World War II

Mapa The Tortured Path no modo Zombies de CoD: WW II.Mapa The Tortured Path no modo Zombies de CoD: WW II.Fonte:  Call of Duty

The Tortured Path de Call of Duty: World War II is considered by many fans to be the worst map in the mode Zombies from the series. In addition to having to defeat 11 relentless waves of zombies, players still had to complete several missions between rounds. And worst of all: if you die while playing, you have to start everything from scratch. This is, to say the least, very frustrating.

It is also worth mentioning that, compared to other phases of the mode ZombiesThe Tortured Path’s sub-maps are quite monotonous, not very impactful and easily forgettable.

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