After Fobia – St. Dinfna Hotel, the quality standard for Brazilian games has become very high. And expectations, apparently, are being met! The next notable project with Brazilian DNA is Mullet Madjackan indie from Hammer95 Studios that has a simply charming look — especially if you’re a fan of the aesthetics of retro anime.

According to the Rio Grande do Sul studio, Mullet Madjack will be released for PC (Steam) on May 15th. Another good news is that a free demo of the indie is now available for download on the Valve platform — and you can download it clicking here!

One of the game’s differences, naturally, is its bold look with vibrant colors and retro aesthetics with anime features. The FPS is inspired by classics from the 1990s and focuses heavily on intense shooting full of colorful effects. Check out the trailer:

Mullet Madjack is already on more than 150,000 wishlists on Steam

Unsurprisingly, the reception of Mullet Madjack on Steam it’s been great! According to Hammer95 Studios, the Brazilian game is already part of the wish list of more than 150 thousand users of the platform — a remarkable number.

In the game, players will have to rescue “the most famous influencer on the planet” from the clutches of a dangerous criminal organization, made up of powerful billionaire robots.

Mullet Madjack has already been added to over 150,000 wishlists on Steam.Source: Steam

In this dystopian future, vigilantes are addicted to dopamine — and to get your fix, you’ll have to overcome deadly challenges and shootouts cyberpunks. And all of this is orchestrated in frenetic roguelite-style gameplay!

Your battle in Mullet Madjack It is not only for the release of the kidnapped influencer, but also for the preservation of her own reputation — and for the fun of those watching.

“We love the Golden Age of Japanese anime from the 1980s and 1990s, and we want to pay homage to it with this game,” said Alessandro Martinello, director of the indie.

Mullet Madjack Key Features

Mullet Madjack will be released on May 15th for PC (Steam).Mullet Madjack will be released on May 15th for PC (Steam).Source: Steam

Do you want to know which are the main resources of Mullet Madjack? Then check out the list below:

  • Exciting and dynamic combat — Race against time and infiltrate a building alone, surpassing each floor until you reach your objective;
  • Campaign mode — Clear floors full of robots, and at crucial moments, perform ultra-violent finishing touches on your enemies to survive;
  • survival mode — Use your skills in an infinite mode and beat your friends;
  • Unique visual and art style Vibrant neon colors in high contrast with black evoke the violent, adult anime aesthetic of the VHS tape era;
  • Engaging narrative Portrayed in an old school cyberpunk world full of robots, the aesthetics of 1990s anime merge with an action-packed setting;
  • Nostalgic soundtrack — Inspired by the synthwave genre, the soundtrack defines the colors and urban atmosphere of the game;
  • Character Improve your character with intelligent choices, so that you can reach the top floor in the best possible time or you will have to try again, all in the best roguelite style.

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