The support frosty, which ended up being in the reserve of RED Canids in 2024, sparks interest in three different teams for the second split of CBLOL 2024. Two of these teams are looking for the player as support and one I want him to become an ADC.

Teams interested in frosty at CBLOL 2024

According to journalist Luís Santana, the Flow e FURY are interested in the player for the support position, but now a third organization is also in contact with the player: LOS, what wants the player as ADC instead of Celo.

However, it is worth mentioning that RED will only release Frosty upon payment of his termination fine. According to Luís, the fine is R$ 500 milbut this amount is probably negotiable.

There is no proposal on the table yet, but it is a possibility that LOS likes to have in Celo’s place. The Koreans (from LOS) like frosty too, they think it has potential

In fact, the journalist even showed live that Frosty has only been playing as an ADC on soloQ:

(Image: Disclosure/OPGG)

frosty no CBLOL

Frosty was involved in controversies at the beginning of his career, in May 2022, when he was hired by LOUD Academy and fired on the same day for an episode of racism against fNb.

A year later, the player was hired by RED Canids, a team that even had (and still has) fNb himself as a top laner. At the time, RED’s CEOs said that the signing had the approval of the top laner, who went public and said that he was “at ease” with the signing, and that Frosty was willing to improve.

Image of RED Canids player Frosty at CLBOL
(Photo: Disclosure/Riot)

Playing CBLOL for RED Canids, Frosty performed well and was praised for his performance. The team finished in third place after losing to paiN Gaming in the semifinals by 3-2.

In 2024, RED chose to bring Jojo back to pair with Brance, also a newcomer to the organization. Frosty remained in the organization’s reserves and played only two matches in the split, one against LOS (victory) and another against LOUD (defeat).

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