Although the Brazilian scene is eager to see the Jean Mago playing the CBLOL, it is likely that the young talent will not be in the league for the second split of 2024.

Jean Mago tested on CBLOL teams

According to journalist Luís Santana, Jean Mago carried out tests with the FURY e INTZ, but in both cases, it wasn’t the highlight. The streamer even trained against CBLOL teams in his tests, and the performance was not very pleasing.

The final assessment is that Aithusa (INTZ) and Tutsz (FURIA) played better than Jean Mago. What came to me is that Jean is very good mechanically, but he is raw, so the other players were better in other aspects

The journalist also stated that the negotiations may have some twists, but that the greatest chances are that Jean Mago will not be in the CBLOL 2024 2nd split.

It’s worth remembering that Jean Mago spent months doing bootcamp in South Korea recently and on stream, he joked that he would “accept the challenge” of going to INTZ and helping the organization get back on its feet.

In the past, Jean Mago played a split of the CBLOL Academy for Flamengo Esports, and was champion, but chose not to pursue a competitive career. At that time, he won the 2021 CBLOL Award as best Academy player.

JEan MAgo receiving the award for best Academy player in 2021 (Image: Reproduction/Riot Games)
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