Looking for new adventures to liven up your weekend without spending anything? Our weekly selection of free games is here to guarantee hours of entertainment, immersing you in fantastic worlds and incredible challenges.

From exciting races on tracks inspired by famous films to strategic battles in historical settings, we have options for all tastes. Whether taking on the role of a brave monster hunter or commanding powerful nations in epic wars, fun is guaranteed. Check it out below:

Art of Rally (PC)

Art of Rally is a racing game that pays homage to the golden era of rallying, offering an alternative experience where the famous Group B category has never been discontinued. It stands out for its top-down perspective, providing a different view of the sport. Users start in career mode with Group 2 cars and progress, unlocking new classes and vehicles.

It also includes a free roam mode, in which we can freely explore with the already unlocked cars and collect items. In addition, the game also features online events, such as daily and weekly challenges, and a damage system that affects car performance, adding a realistic and strategic element to the races.

100 Asian Cats (PC)

100 Asian Cats is a captivating game that invites players to embark on a unique adventure through richly illustrated Asian temples. The main objective is to find 100 adorable cats hidden in hand-drawn settings, each with its own charm. It challenges players’ attention and observation skills, offering a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Conqueror’s Blade (PC)

Conqueror’s Blade is a real-time tactics and MMO title that immerses us in an open world inspired by medieval and feudal civilizations. It focuses on siege combat and leading units in real time, having to fight to conquer other people’s territories in online battles. In it, we choose a warlord among 13 combat classes, each with different weapon specializations, and we can customize the gender and appearance of our characters.

The game features five types of battles, including Standard, Territory Wars, Expeditions, Events and Ranked, each with its own dynamics and objectives. Additionally, users can form Houses, a guild-like system, to share resources, rewards, and participate together in larger clashes and turf wars.

Wizard 101 (PC)

Em Wizard 101, we are transported to the magical universe of Spiral, in which we take on the role of magic students at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, located in the city of Wizard. The game is structured around “duels”, requiring teams to cast spells in a turn-based combat system. Each spell choice – Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death, or Balance – offers a unique set of spells and play styles.

As we progress, we unlock new worlds and face increasing challenges. In addition to dueling, we can engage in activities such as training pets, fishing and gardening, each of which requires specific resources. In addition, the game also offers a PvP mode and the possibility of forming alliances with other players to participate in larger and more complex battles.

Supremacy 1914: World War 1 (PC)

Supremacy 1914: World War 1 is a real-time strategy experience that puts us in command of one of the powerful nations during the First World War. In it, we are tasked with conquering provinces, forging alliances and building our economy on persistent maps in real time. A striking feature is the possibility of building experimental weapons of the time, challenging us to become the dominant superpower.

With a focus on strategy and diplomacy, it allows up to 500 competitors to interact in historical and fictional scenarios, where realistic distances and unit movement add depth to the gameplay. The title combines elements of military strategy, resource management and war tactics, offering an immersive experience in simulating global conflicts from the beginning of the 20th century.

Disney Speedstorm (Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC e Nintendo Switch)

Disney Speedstorm is a kart-style racing game that puts players in control of iconic characters from Disney it’s yes Pixar, competing on themed tracks based on the worlds of their films and franchises. It stands out for its gameplay that resembles Mario Kartallowing you to skid to improve the curve and charge nitro to increase speed.

Additionally, you can perform aerial maneuvers to gain momentum and collect various power-ups to gain an advantage in the races. With a diverse cast of characters and the possibility of customization, the title offers a fun and action-packed experience.

Idle Slayer (PC, Android e iOS)

Idle Slayer is an incremental game that combines active and passive gameplay style elements, featuring medieval pixel art visuals and retro 8-bit sounds and music. In it, players embody a monster hunter tasked with protecting his people from dark forces. It all starts with basic resources, with you having to jump to collect some coins and gradually improve your equipment.

With progression, the game unfolds new play styles, mechanics and resources, making the experience increasingly rich. With over 300 achievements, an ascension system with a large skill tree, and a retro pixel art theme, it offers a fun and progressive experience.

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