This year has been a rollercoaster for VALUING, with the season ending in style when the Evil Geniuses won the trophy Champions 2023. It was another remarkable year for the Riot Games title, building its names or consolidating its positions as main competitions.

The year 2023 began with incredible stories, such as the reconstruction of LOUD and other lineups, the introduction of super teams such as FNATIC e NAVIand the drama of the departure of yay and Cloud9.

Some players stood out in these stories, presenting performances that will enshrine them in VALORANT history as the main players.

Here are the top five VALORANT players of the year.

5° – Demon1

Demon 1yes Evil Geniuseshad an incredible performance in VALORANT Champions 2023 after a discreet participation in the Masters Tokyo. The player dominated the VCT Americas as he adapted to playing on stage during his debut season at the start of the playoffs, but had not demonstrated the same level of performance in his first international event.

(Foto: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

At the VALORANT World Championship, he finally overcame any necessary obstacles and demonstrated talent in the competition. He ended the event at the top of the ranking.

He also ranked in the top five in Average Combat Score and second in Average Damage Score per Round. Demon1 also recorded the first 100+ kill series against LOUD and achieved 101 kills across five maps.

Although it took him a while to reach his current form, it would be dishonest not to highlight Demon1 on this list for his performance in the last tournament of the year. Even though they didn’t live up to expectations in Tokyo, EG still managed to come second in the event.

4° – Less

From a young man in 2022, to one of the best in the world in 2023. Even without winning any international championship, Lessdemonstrated increasing evolution in VALORANT during the season.

The player managed to rank second among the VCT Americas statistics and was also ranked 5th among the best players in Champions 2023. His role as Sentinel is still an inspiration for many professionals and he also managed to play the role of second caller.

Photo of Less, LOUD player
(Photo: Riot Games)

3° – Leo

Leo joined FNATIC for the 2023 season and has become a monster surrounded by talented teammates and a IGL high level.

No VCT LOCK//IN, Leo was in the top three statistically and had several impactful rounds throughout the tournament with multiple eliminations. His stats at the event are especially impressive because many of the players near the top have only played one or two series at the tournament.

Leo’s form remained consistent throughout the VCT Masters Tokyo and the Champions. The Initiator player ended the year in the world championship placing in the top five in classification.

Leo from Fnatic do VALORANT
(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

2° – Alfajer

Alfajer managed to stand out in FNATIC, which includes names like Leo, Chronicle, Boaster e Get out, which is by no means an easy task. For his efforts, he took home the award for MVP do VCT EMEA 2023 and certainly proved his worth throughout the season.

Alfajer he also won the award for best sentinel player, and established himself as a true defensive giant who did not allow safe entry into any place where he and his usefulness were waiting. Be like Killjoy or Cyphereven players who managed to overcome his settings had difficulty handling his rifle.

Alfajer, Fnatic player competing in VCT EMEA 2023
(Foto: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

1st – Quotes

quotes has maintained its great form since Champions 2022 and is a big reason why LOUD reached back-to-back VCT finals with its second-place finish in VCT LOCK//IN just a few months later. The young talent has been a reliable player throughout the year for LOUD in 2023, and many teams showed interest when he hit the market during the OFF//SEASON.

The Duelist was praised by analysts for his improved micro decision-making and was LOUD’s best player all year, including earning the honor of MVP do VCT Americas. The only time the player didn’t seem to have much of an impact on the server was at VCT Masters Tokyo, where LOUD was eliminated after two games.

However, ASCO and LOUD bounced back in Champions 2023, mostly due to the individual performances of the entire team.

aspas in Leviathan
(Photo: Disclosure/Leviatán)


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