In 2023 we had several esports championships, but some stand out for the high audience they achieved. O Worlds 2023 (LoL world championship) broke a record and was the championship with the highest peak audience in history, with the final having more than 6.4 million simultaneous viewers.

The Esports Charts website compiled the 10 most popular championships of 2023 based on peak audience. It is worth noting that the numbers do not include Chinese platforms, as they have a different measurement system.

Top 10 championships with the highest peak audience in 2023

Despite Worlds 2023’s record, it is worth mentioning the strength of Mobile Legends, which appears five times in the top 10. Below, see the top 10:

  • Worlds 2023 (LoL): 6,402,760 viewers
  • M5 Worlds Championship (Mobile Legends): 5,067,107 viewers
  • M4 Worlds Championship (Mobile Legends): 4,270,270 spectators
  • MLBB SEA Cup 2023 (Mobile Legends): 3,650,305 spectators
  • MSI 2023 (LoL): 2,297,919 viewers
  • MPL Indonesia Season 12 (Mobile Legends): 2,100,032 spectators
  • MPL Indonesia Season 11 (Mobile Legends): 1,888,453 viewers
  • LCK Summer 2023 (LoL): 1,528,729 viewers
  • Paris MAjor 2023 (CS): 1,528,724 viewers
  • LCK Spring 2023 (LoL): 1,467,849 viewers

Esports Charts also noted that this was the first time the The Internationalworld of Dota 2did not appear in the top 10. The tournament had a maximum peak of 1.44 million viewers, 300 thousand less than the 2022 edition.

(Image: Disclosure/Riot)
Bruno Rodrigues
published in December 24, 2023


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