The long-awaited weekend is approaching, bringing with it the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in electrifying adventures and fantastic worlds. Whether you’re a fan of strategic challenges, intense sporting clashes or just looking for a relaxing adventure, the Voxel has the ideal list to quench your thirst for fun!

The best of everything? Each of these options is at your fingertips, ready to be explored in multiple platforms, without you having to open your wallet. Check it out below:

Spelldrifter (PC)

Game drives combines turn-based RPG elements with collectible card game features. In this hybrid, players are challenged to use both time and space to manage their resources.

It introduces the Tick System, which challenges us to rethink the traditional approach, as each character action is interconnected in a single timeline. Mastering this line is crucial to gaining an advantage in battles.

STG Football (PC)

STG Football is a real-time, arcade-style American football title officially licensed by the NFLPA, the league’s professional players’ association. Focusing on multiplayer, it has 4v4 gameplay that values ​​teamwork and strategy. Each match has seven people per team, four controlled by users and three by artificial intelligence.

It is also possible to build your dream team with NFL SuperStars, such as Patrick Mahomes II, Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams, who have unique abilities and can be improved and customized.

URBO: Dream One (PC)

City: Dream One transports players to a meditative puzzle challenge in which the main task is to build residences around a mysterious tower. Immerse yourself in the landscapes of a magical metropolis located on an isolated island, surrounded by clear and serene waters.

This title is just a fragment of the vast universe of CITYwhich invites us to shape ethereal metropolises in an environment full of mystery and beauty.

Madden NFL 24 (Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S)

Madden NFL 24 is the sport title that simulates American football in the United States professional league, the NFL. This edition brings new gameplay features, such as FieldSENSE, which allows greater control and realism in players’ actions on the field, and SAPIEN Technology, which improves the appearance and movements of athletes.

It also has several modes, such as Ultimate Team, Franchise and Face of the Franchise. The title is available to play for free until September 10th for Xbox Live Gold (future Game Pass Core) or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

Control (Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S)

Em Control, developed by Remedy Entertainment from Alan Wake e Quantum Break, We take on the role of Jesse Faden, a woman searching for answers about her past at the headquarters of a secret agency called the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC). There, she discovers that the place has been invaded by a supernatural force called Noise, which corrupts people and objects.

Jesse must use his paranormal powers and a special shape-shifting weapon called the Service Weapon to fight enemies and restore order. The title is available to play for free until September 10th for Xbox Live Gold (future Game Pass Core) or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

Crime Boss: Rockay City (Xbox Series X/S)

Crime Boss: Rockay City is an FPS that takes place in the City of Rockay, a fictional metropolis inspired by the 1990s. In it, we take on the role of Travis Baker, a criminal who wants to become the new King of the City, facing rival gangs and Sheriff Norris.

Furthermore, the title features famous actors such as Kim Bassinger, Michael Madsen, Danny Trejo, Chuck Norris and Vanilla Ice. The game is available to play for free until September 10th for Xbox Live Gold (future Game Pass Core) or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

Dead Frontier 2 (PC)

Dead Frontier 2 is a free third-person shooter and MMORPG created in the Unity engine, which transports players to an open world with a survival horror atmosphere. In it, we have to face the challenges of a post-apocalyptic scenario infested with zombies, in which getting out alive is the main priority.

In addition to fighting hordes of horrendous creatures, you must search for resources, collaborate with other survivors and face the adversities of a world in ruins.

Cry of Fear (PC)

Cry of Fear is a psychological horror experience that can be played solo or cooperatively. It takes place in a deserted city full of horrible beings and disturbing hallucinations. The protagonist is a young man desperately searching for answers in the cold Scandinavian night, while his sanity deteriorates.

The game has a strong emphasis on the cinematic experience, immersion and lateral thinking, taking us on a nightmarish rollercoaster through the dark streets of Fäversholm and beyond. Originally started as a modification for Half-Life 1it took four years to develop and, after receiving several modding awards, it became independent and free.

Slayer Legend (Android e iOS)

Slayer Legend is an idle RPG with retro pixelated graphics, which takes place in a world in which a dimensional rift brought demons into reality and the player must become a Slayer, a hero capable of ending chaos and restoring order.

In addition to having a system in which players can obtain rewards even AFK, it also has a dynamic upgrade system that allows you to improve equipment, unlock magical talents and combine elemental skills to create the best strategy to defeat enemies. Available for Android and iOS.

Sky: Children of the Light (PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android e iOS)

Sky: Children of the Light is an indie adventure developed and published by Thatgamecompany, the same creator of Journey e Flower. It takes place in an enchanted kingdom in which we take on the role of Children of Light, who must spread hope across a desolate world and return Fallen Stars to their constellations.

In it, we can explore seven dreamlike realms, meet and socialize with others from around the world, customize characters, participate in seasonal events and discover ancient treasures. In addition to being available for PlayStation, Nintendo and PC, the title can be downloaded on Android or iOS.


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