The draw of the Worlds 2023 took place this Sunday (10) after the final of LEC 2023what a G2 was champion. The Brazilian team LOUD was drawn at group Atogether with the teams Marines, Rainbow7 e PSG Talon.

Next, check out what will be LOUD’s first game at Worlds 2023as well as other important information about the championship LoL world championship.

LOUD’s first game in the Worlds 2023 Play-in Phase

LOUD’s first game at Worlds 2023 will be against Marines. The team was drawn from the group Aand in case of victory, will play against the PSG Talon or Rainbow7 in the next round. It is worth remembering that the series is in MD3 format.

Worlds 2023 Play-In Stage Groups

Below, check out the Worlds 2023 Entry Phase brackets:

  • Group A: Gigabyte Marines, PSG Talon, LOUD e Rainbow7
  • Group B: Detonation FocusMe, Team BDS ou Goldean Guardians, Team Whales e CTBC Flying Oyster
Reproduction/Riot Games

Teams that will play Worlds 2023, the LoL world championship

  • JD Gaming (JDG) – Seed 1 da China
  • Bilibili Gaming – Seed 2 da China
  • LNG – Seed 3 da China
  • Weibo Gaming – Seed 4 da China
  • Gen.G – Seed 1 from Korea
  • T1 – Seed 2 from Korea
  • KT Rolster – Seed 3 from Korea
  • Dplus Kia – Seed 4 from Korea
  • NRG – Seed 1 in North America
  • Cloud9 – North American Seed 2
  • Team Liquid – North American Seed 3
  • MAD Lions – Seed 3 da Europa
  • G2 – Seed 1 da Europa
  • Fnatic – Seed 2 da Europa
  • DetonatioN FocusMe (DFM) – Seed 1 from Japan
  • Rainbow7 – Seed 1 and LLA
  • GAM – Seed 1 da VCS
  • Team Whales – Seed 2 da VCS
  • PSG Talon – Seed 1 da PCS
  • CFO – Seed 2 da PCS
  • LOUD – Seed 1 do Brasil
  • LEC vs LCS – to be defined*

*The last team for Worlds 2023 will be defined the day before the tournament starts. Team BDS (LEC) will play against Golden Guardians (LCS) in an MD5 series and the winner will play in the LoL world championship.

Worlds 2023 will debut new LoL world championship format

Riot Games will debut a new competition format at Worlds 2023. More MD3 and MD5 series are now being played, and the old clashes in MD1 have been eliminated. Furthermore, for the first time in the history of LoL championships, we will have the use of the popular Swiss system, very famous in FPS championships.

Below, check out what the format will be like for each stage of the LoL World Cup.

Entry Phase

The Play-in Stage will no longer feature teams from the LCK and LPL. This year the champions of CBLOL, LJL and LLA will play, in addition to the two best teams from PCS and VCS. In addition to them, the top 4 of the LCS and LEC play a series against each other competing for the last spot in this stage, which will feature eight teams in total.

The format of the Entry Phase will be double elimination. The teams are divided into two groups and play MD3 (best of 3). The winner of the upper bracket of one group faces the winner of the lower bracket of the other group in MD5 series (best of 5) qualifying for the next stage.

Below, see an image that represents the format of the LoL World Cup Entry Phase:

Play-in WEorlds 2023
Entry Phase Format (Image: Reproduction: Riot Games)

Swiss Stage

In the Swiss Phase, 16 teams play, 14 of which have already been previously classified and another 2 coming from the Entry Phase. The Swiss Format is used, in which teams with three series wins advance and teams with three series losses are eliminated. The matches are in MD1 (best of 1) and knockouts and qualifiers in MD3 (best of 3).

Below, see an image that represents the format of the Swiss phase of Worlds 2023:

The Swiss format implemented at Worlds 2023
Swiss format of Worlds 2023 (Image: Reproduction/Riot Games)


Eight teams advance to the playoffs and play in a single-elimination format. At this stage, all matches are in MD5.

When does the LoL 2023 World Cup start?

Worlds 2023 starts on October 10th and ends on November 19th.

Where will LoL Worlds 2023 be held?

Worlds 2023 takes place in South Korea. The competition takes place at LoL Park (Seoul), KBS Arena (Seoul), Indoor Gymnasium (Busan) and Gocheok Sky Dome (Seoul).

When does each stage of the LoL 2023 World Cup take place?

Worlds 2023 is divided into three stages: Entry Stage, Swiss Stage and Playoffs. Check out when each one happens below:

  • phase Prohibited: October 10th to 15th at LoL Park, in Alone;
  • Swiss Stage: October 19-23 and 26-29 at KBS Arena, also in Alone;
  • Quarterfinals: November 2nd to 5th at Sajik Indoor Gymnasium, in Busan;
  • Semifinals: November 11th and 12th at Sajik Indoor Gymnasium, in Busan;
  • Final: November 19th at Gocheok Sky Dome in Alone;

More Esports will provide in-person coverage of Worlds 2023

As usual, the More Esports will provide complete coverage of Worlds 2023, including representatives bringing content directly from South Korea. Follow the website to stay up to date with the game calendar, results, interviews and lots of different content.

Image to represent Worlds 2023, the LoL world championship
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)


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