The week started off busy for Microsoft, which decided to close the activities of no less than four studios under the tutelage of Bethesda — including Tango Gameworks, home of the award-winning Hi-Fi Rush. Consequently, this adds even more layoffs to the company’s 1,900 layoffs that occurred this year alone.

Now, according to sources from The Vergein somewhat controversial rhetoric regarding the company’s attitude, Matt Booty, the boss behind Xbox Game Studios, told his team in a meeting last Wednesday (08) that Xbox needs “smaller games that give us prestige and awards”.

The executive’s statement is, to say the least, shocking — considering that Xbox itself closed the Hi-Fi Rushin addition to also stating on another occasion that the title was “one of the most successful releases from Bethesda and Xbox in recent years”.

The executive’s speech even generated some simple reactions on social media. John Johanas, the director of hack ‘n’ slash, published on X (formerly Twitter) a character from the game who looked like he had few friends.

Even Shinji Mikami, former head of Tango Gameworks who left the studio last year, reacted on social media: “Tango closed. Sad.”

In an interview earlier this year, Mikami revealed that one of the reasons he left Tango Gameworks was because, in addition to wanting to distance himself from the survival horror genre, he also wanted to provide more opportunities for young creators and developers.

Hi-Fi Rush 2 was in early stages before Tango Gameworks closed

According to sources from Jason Schreier, respected insider and journalist at BloombergTango Gameworks was in the early stages (apparently in the conceptual phase) of bringing Hi-Fi Rush 2 to life — something that, inevitably, will not happen due to the closure of the studio.

Not only that, but the journalist also stated that Arkane Austin, another studio that had its activities closed by Microsoft, was “working to return to its roots” with a new game for the franchise Dishonored.

What a sad ending to a great hit that was Hi-Fi Rush, no? Comment your opinion about the case on social media Voxel!


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