If you’re looking for peripherals to renew and give that gamer upgrade to your Setup while spending little, Shopee’s offers could be your chance!

Bringing dozens of offers on gamer items, the retailer guaranteed Havit, Redragon and more products with discounts of up to 70% and free shipping on orders over R$19 on your website and app.

And the advantages don’t stop there, in addition to the discounts you can also pay your purchases in up to 10 installments with your card.

So, don’t waste time and check out a selection of gamer peripherals on offer on Shopee, which are selling for less than R$100:

Gamer offers for less than R$ 100

  • Headset Gamer B-Max BM216 por R$45,00
  • Goldenultra Kitten Gamer Headset with RGB LED for R$70.99
  • Headset Gamer LEBOSS LB-FN606 por R$57,99
  • Headset Gamer KNUP Pro Gaming com LED RGB por R$99,00
  • Headset Gamer Pro Gamer 360º EJ-G15/G16 por R$69.99
  • Table Stand for Headset S-331 with RGB LED for R$99.00
  • Headset Gamer Havit H2232d com LED RGB por R$100,00
  • Headset Gamer DEX DF-500 por R$84,95
  • Fone Bluetooth Gamer It-blue Le-2406 por R$54,99
  • Gamer Mouse Pad 65x32cm, different prints for R$29.90
  • Kit: Gamer Keyboard Cell Phone Mobilizer + Gaming Mouse + 4-Port USB Hub for R$99.90
  • Kit: Cell Phone Mobilizer + Hub 3.0 + Gamer Keyboard and Mouse Pad for R$89.49
  • White K500 semi-mechanical keyboard with RGB LED for R$68.90
  • Gamer Rhythmic RGB LED Bar for R$19.99
  • Kit: Semi Mechanical Keyboard with RGB LED + 1200dpi Mouse for R$49.99
  • Single Hand Semi Mechanical Gamer Keyboard with RGB LED for R$52.95
  • HK8700 Semi-mechanical Keyboard Kit with RGB LED + Gaming Mouse for R$68.44
  • Mouse Gamer LEMMOX LED 4800 DPI por R$59,90
  • Mouse Gamer Redragon Lonewolf G105 com LED RGB por R$96,00
  • Mouse gamer Infokit GM-V550 com LED RGB por R$35,90
  • Mouse Gamer Warrior Ivor 3200 DPI por R$49,90
  • Mouse Gamer Havit Ms1018 3200 DPI por R$41,00
  • Mouse Gamer Havit 7200 DPI por R$58,99
  • Mouse Gamer Redragon Nothosaur Lunar White por R$85,00
  • Gamer Knup Subwoofer P2 Sound Box and SoundBar for PC for R$68.99
  • HAVIT SK202 Gamer Speaker for R$94.00
  • Mousepad Gamer Preto 90cmX 40cm por R$40,75
  • Mouse Pad Gamer 90cmX 40cm com LED RGB por R$45,00
  • Mousepad Gamer Havit MP839 25x20cm por R$19,00

Offers are for a limited time. Visit the Shope website and secure new gamer peripherals at a discount!

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/voxel/282764-ofertas-gamer-shopee-teclados-headsets-perifericos-r-100.htm

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