The week started off busy for Microsoft, which decided to close the activities of no less than four studios under the supervision of Bethesda — consequently, adding even more layoffs to the company’s 1,900 layoffs that occurred this year alone. For some former housemates, Phil Spencer “is hurting as much as anyone else.”

The closure of the studios was confirmed by Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, in an email sent to IGN on the morning of this Tuesday (07) — in which Microsoft attributed the cuts to the “reprioritization of titles and other resources”.

Microsoft has closed four Bethesda studios: Arkane Austin, Alpha Dog, Roundhouse Studios and Tango Gameworks.Fonte:  Bethesda

“Doubling these franchises and investing in building new ones requires us to analyze the entire business to identify the opportunities that are best positioned for success. This reprioritization of titles and resources means that some teams will be realigned with others and that some of our colleagues will leave us “, explained Booty to the vehicle.

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Gaming, has not yet commented on the situation on his social networks — which, inevitably, triggered a wave of criticism of the brand from fans. Some even claim that this happened because of “mismanagement and corporate greed.”

Former Blizzard CEO defended Xbox boss with text in X

But it looks like Spencer isn’t alone. Mike Ybarra, former CEO of Blizzard dismissed from his position in the mass layoffs at Activision in January, came to the defense of his former colleague at X (formerly Twitter).

Publication by Mike Ybarra, former CEO of Blizzard, in defense of Phil Spencer at X.Publication by Mike Ybarra, former CEO of Blizzard, in defense of Phil Spencer at X.Source: Mike Ybarra (X)

“I see a lot of criticism of Phil in today’s Xbox announcements,” Ybarra wrote on X. “I understand. But knowing him as a human, I know this hurts him as much as anyone else. I can’t speak for all the leadership there, But I know him and I know what he’s probably going through.”

“I’m not trying to defend decisions. I think we all get involved in difficult and unexpected situations (I’ve certainly been there). It’s part of the job, as is the responsibility for results,” continued the former CEO of Blizzard. “But he’s a good human being and cares deeply about the creative process and developers. That’s my first-hand experience working closely with him for over eight years and knowing him for over 24 years.”

Ybarra continues the text by stating that he “100% understands the anger and confusion”, precisely because he was one of those dismissed from Blizzard in January. “It’s certainly a difficult time that needs great clarity about what the future plan is and how players around the world can get excited about it,” he concluded.

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