During the game development process, it is common for producers to make demos available to measure public acceptance. However, in many cases the studios make several changes to this material before the official release.

In this article, we are going to talk about some games that have undergone several changes that have greatly (or partially) removed their demos from the final versions. And from now on, be warned: in some cases the result was surprising, while the surprise was not the best in others.

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6. BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite featured a very different interaction between the protagonist duo. (Source: The Gamer/Reproduction)Source: Xbox/Disclosure

BioShock Infinite It is still remembered to this day as a good game by the community. Much of this is due to the interaction between protagonist Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, something that would have been much greater if the original plans were maintained.

In the demo shown during E3 2011, Elizabeth had a much more active participation in the action, opening rifts and helping DeWitt in combat. However, in the final version she practically became a damsel that needs to be saved, limiting her participation much more.

Furthermore, the game would give much more freedom in using the Sky-Line to travel around the floating islands of Columbia. However, the development team preferred to keep the feature active only in specific areas.

5. Watch Dogs

Here is a game that had a lot of repercussions when it was presented, as Ubisoft boasted that Watch Dogs would dictate a new standard for the industry. And, in fact, this would possibly have happened if the game hadn’t undergone several modifications.

The most felt by the public, without a doubt, was in the graphics. When presented at E3 2012, Watch Dogs It was a jaw-dropping game — but the scenario changed at launch. Furthermore, several effects were lost in the process, which caused disappointment in many people.

4. Mother 3

Here we have a title that underwent various changes during its development process. At first, Mother 3 It was going to be a game for the Super Nintendo, but Casa de Mario changed its mind and decided to use it to prove the power of the 64DD — the CD driver that would be released for the Nintendo 64.

Even with the abandonment of the peripheral, the game would have a version designed for the Nintendo 64, which was even shown during the Space World 99. However, the team gave up on three-dimensional graphics and ended up taking the game to the Game Boy Advance, with a style relatively close to that of EarthBound.

The Game Boy Advance version still preserved two characters from the demo: the cowboy Flint, father of Lucas and Claus, and the dog Boney, who actively helps in the fighting.

3. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 became an absolute hit with the public, and is still one of Valve’s most popular games even 17 years after its release. Much of this is due to the cartoonish look and gameplay, but what we would have had the chance to see would have been completely different.

In its reveal at E3 1999, Team Fortress 2 it had a totally different look. Entitled Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Armsit would adopt a more realistic aspect entirely focused on military actions in urban areas.

Whether the proposal would work only time could tell, but let’s face it: it’s a good thing Valve decided to change everything.

2. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Time to talk a little about Hideo Kojima and one of his greatest works: Metal Gear. Bringing the conversation specifically Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Libertythis is a case of a game that had a “change” when comparing the final version and its demonstration.

A demo de Sons of Liberty was present in Zone of the Enders. In it, players were able to control Solid Snake and his partner Otacon in the first stage of the game. This made many think that this version of Snake would be controlled until the end of the adventure, but that wasn’t exactly what happened.

In the final version, Solid Snake is only controlled at the beginning of the adventure, being replaced later by Raiden. Okay, we must agree that the gameplay and experience Metal Gear were still in the package, but the change of protagonist caught many people by surprise.

1. Chrono Trigger

Here’s a chance we caught you by surprise. Many may not know, but Chrono Trigger had a demo released in Japan and with some aspects very different from what arrived in the final version.

Those who had the chance to get their hands on this demo noticed the inclusion of some exploitable elements. Although they are not accessible, they show that the game had a lot of content cut from the final version.

However, the icing on the cake is something that probably wouldn’t be forgiven by many people if it were kept in the final version. Let’s let your ears work initially, and for that just skip to 01:03:00 in the video below and listen to the theme that will be played.

Did you realize what happened up here? For a moment, Square possibly thought about making Frog’s theme stick with Robo. Would that have taken away from the impact of the song? Only time, once again, could tell.

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