Brazil is the second country that most uses xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, and PC Game Pass. The information was revealed by Microsoft executives who are in Brazil during CCXP, which takes place in São Paulo.

During a live stream from the event, Xbox CMO Jerret West revealed that the country is the second largest global consumer of PC Game Pass, the version of the service focused on computer players. “I see Brazilians as the community and country that are carrying the torch and are at the forefront for many of us in the gaming space.”

Me and statement about xCloud was given by Phil Spencer, commander of the Xbox games division. In an interview with CNN, the executive revealed that the Brazil is the second largest country in terms of number of xCloud usersin addition to leading the use of technology through Smart TVs, such as Samsung.

GTA V is one of the games available via the cloud on Xbox Game Pass

Growth beyond consoles in Brazil

According to Phil Spencer, the Brazilian market is impressive due to its rapid adoption of Xbox services on computers and the cloud. “We see real power, real strength and real growth with people playing their consoles, PCs, playing in the cloud and playing more games. 70% of Brazilian consumers say they are gamers. It’s a big market,” said the executive to CNN.

The executive’s statements also hinted that we can expect more investments focused on the cloud and computers segment in Brazil, given the growth of the sectors in Brazil. “We will invest in the types of games they want to play and where they will play,” commented Spencer.

Phil SpencerPhil Spencer, head of Xbox, is in Brazil during CCXP 2023.

The executive also said that the company is open to listening to consumers and collecting feedback to improve operations in the country. The goal is to deliver a better experience “whether it’s on the XBOX console, on the PC or in the cloud.”

Xbox controversies in Brazil

The large growth in the use of xCloud and PC Game Pass in Brazil may be linked to the recent Xbox Series S price increase in the country. Suddenly, the console became around R$1000 more expensive here, just before Black Friday 2023.

During CCXP, the Xbox commander also commented on the matter. Phil Spencer said that the company will eventually take actions that will displease the public, such as increasing the price of the Xbox Series S.

The executive also said that the company “held” the value of the console as long as it could, leaving the product at an attractive price for around three years. Furthermore, the executive assured that he continues to listen to public feedback and the company will continue to invest in the country, including localizing the game into Brazilian Portuguese.

So, did you imagine that Brazil was so adept at Xbox cloud gaming? Now we just have to wait and see if we will have improvements to the service here in the future.


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