How the CS2 It’s a new game, players are always looking for new things to present to the community. One of them went further. YouTuber Jigen discovered how to play music on the Inferno bell, located in the TR base.

In a video on YouTube, he shows several songs from the public. Songs like In The End do Linkin Park, The Scientist do Coldplay, tema de Jogos Mortais e Baby Shark. The content creator even plays classical music from Beethoven.

To play the songs, the player goes to the TR base, where there are five bells. As each of them has a different note, it is possible to play some songs by shooting at objects.

If the player wants to hear a song in CS2, just observe the order in which the bells are played and play it in the game itself.

In addition to curiosities, CS2 players are discovering many bugs and errors in the game. Valve works to correct the errors found for a better game for users. One of the most recurring complaints, the sub-tick had an improvement in the game’s latest update.

Photo: Reproduction
Bruno Martins
published in December 1, 2023


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