T1 defeated Weibo Gaming in the Worlds 2023 final and became four-time champions of the LoL Worlds! It is the organization that has won the most tournaments and no other comes even close to the South Koreans.

With the victory, Riot Games defined who was the MVP of the championship Final: Zeus. With games Again, Gwen e Aatroxthe top laner proved himself after two bad international finals and won his first international title of his career.

Zeus comments on the prize

In the post-victory interview, still on the stage of the Worlds 2023 final, Zeus said that he saw King’s winning the same title in the last final, precisely against him and that if he worked hard he would also have this success.

Last year, my lane opponent (Kingen) won the MVP in the final, and I was backstage watching him receive the MVP along with the final title, with me finishing runner-up. I thought if I worked hard, I could have my moment, and now I’ve done it. I would like to thank my friends, family and also Khan, who helped me a lot during the Asian Games. I also want to thank T1, the players and also Bengi, who was T1’s coach.

Zeus sends message to fans after victory at Worlds 2023

I played a lot of matches this year, it was very difficult, but I want to thank all of you for your support, it was very motivating and I will make sure to always show the best performance for my fans!

Final do Worlds 2023

To reach the title, T1 needed to beat all LPL teams in the tournament, a feat that kept T1 from ever losing World Cup playoffs to Chinese teams in the history of the competition.

The LoL community went crazy with Faker’s title, which was even praised by the VALORANT community.

The series also made Worlds 2023 the most watched esports tournament in history. In a press conference, T1 players have already chosen the champions who will receive the Worlds 2023 skins.

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