A Weibo Gaming will premiere on Worlds 2023 this Thursday (19) against NRG. O mid laner Xiaohu, legendary LPL player, commented on the strongest teams in the tournament, new format, personalities within the team and more!

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Is it different to play Worlds with a team other than RNG?

So, in terms of the team, I don’t feel much difference because even at RNG every year at Worlds, it was a completely new experience. We have different lineups, we have different partners, we need to face different teams. So for me, I don’t feel much of a difference. But on the mental side, this year I was a little nervous on stage because I really need to focus more on how I can help the team get to victory. And I’m also more looking forward to the World Cup this year. I can’t wait to see how we play on stage.

Does Xiaohu prefer the Swiss format at Worlds?

I prefer Swiss format because it seems like it’s a pretty fair format, teams with similar strengths, similar skills, can compete against each other. So I think it’s good. I’m really looking forward to it.

Gap between West and East

To be honest, in scrims we compete against teams from the LEC and LCS as well. And I realized that there are a lot of really talented players from these regions. So I’m definitely looking forward to playing against these Western teams on stage.

Is Weibo the team capable of beating JDG in the world cup?

So, maybe this happened due to the types of playing style of the players and team in general. For example, we lost to BLG a few times too. We feel like we haven’t been overwhelmed by the team, but it’s like taking a step back.

Difficulty in choosing a playing style due to the players’ personality

Yes, I completely agree with that statement because, for example, for our team at WBG, all three lane players play super aggressively. This is a good thing, but on the other hand it means that our jungler is really always very busy playing around the map. So I really think that in terms of in-game communication and also the tactics, the strategies for those parts, we really need to pay more attention.

Meta da mid lane

I feel that in training Orianna is a very strong champion in the meta. In training we are also seeing many different mid laners, more than ten of them. For this meta, we might see a lot of them on stage.

Apart from Weibo, who is the best team at Worlds?

It’s a little hard to say, but in terms of balance between skill and strength, I would choose JDG or GEN.G.

A Weibo Gaming will play against NRG in day October 19th at 7amabout.

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