After a period of waiting, the T1 players who won Worlds 2023 finally chose the champions who will receive new skins in honor of winning the LoL Worlds.

The last to define was Faker. Beyond, Dig it up e Zeus They had two options, but they finally came to an end and chose the character that will have their signature within Riot Games’ MOBA.

Champions chosen by players were defined

  • Zeus – Jayce
  • Oner – Lee Sin
  • Faker – Ahri
  • Gumayusi – Jinx
  • Keria – Bard

In addition to the normal Worlds 2023 champion look, Zeus You will also have a prestige version for your Jayce skin. This is because he was the MVP of the tournament final, and, just like King’syou will receive an extra honor for your achievement.

T1 champion of Worlds 2023

Amid the record audience for Worlds 2023, T1 overpowered Weibo Gaming and became four-time LoL World Champion. Faker reached an unprecedented fourth LoL World Championship title.

The community reacted very excitedly to Faker’s fourth victory, ten years after his first tournament title. Even VALORANT professionals praised Faker and his career. Son, Tottenham forward, celebrated the team’s achievement. The president of South Korea also issued a statement congratulating T1 on the title.

Furthermore, the South Korean organization needed to beat all the LPL teams to lift the competition cup and Zeus was the MVP of the final with great performances against TheShy.

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Luis Santana
published in December 1, 2023edited 3 days ago


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