T1 beat Weibo in the grand final of Worlds 2023 and became four-time world champion! The team also continues to be the terror of Chinese teams, as remains undefeated against LPL teams.

T1’s journey at Worlds 2023

In this specific tournament, the narrative was even more dramatic. With the early elimination of the other three teams from Korea, T1 was left as the last representative in the region, and to win the title, they beat all the LPL teams.

It all started in round 4 of the Swiss Stage, when T1 beat Bilibili Gaming 2-0 and secured their place in the Playoffs.

Reproduction/Riot Games

In the playoffs, the team started by beating LNG 3-0. They then defeated favorite JDG 3-1 in the semi-finals. In the grand final they defeated Weibo Gaming 3-0.

It is a historic title for the organization, which ranks as the best in LoL history. Seeing Faker lift his fourth world trophy was also a unique moment for fans, making Worlds 2023 the most popular esports event in history!

Image of T1 at Worlds 2023
(Image: Reproduction/Riot Games)

Bruno Rodrigues
published in November 19, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/worlds-2023-t1-derrotou-todos-os-times-da-lpl-pra-ser-campea

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