T1 defeated Weibo Gaming in the Worlds 2023 final and became four-time champions of the LoL Worlds! Zeus, top laner, was chosen as the MVP of the match, although Oner also had a great game.

Soon after the title, the community reacted to the fourth championship of Faker, the greatest player in League Of Legends history. He once again lifted a World Cup trophy ten years after winning the first one.

Community reacts to Faker winning his fourth title

Repercussions of Worlds 2023

To reach the title, T1 needed to beat all LPL teams in the tournament, a feat that kept T1 from ever losing World Cup playoffs to Chinese teams in the history of the competition.

The series also made Worlds 2023 the most watched esports tournament in history. In a press conference, T1 players have already chosen the champions who will receive the Worlds 2023 skins.

(Image: Disclosure/LoL Esports)

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/worlds-2023-comunidade-reage-ao-quarto-titulo-de-faker-fodastico

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