LOUD debuts next Tuesday (10) at Worlds 2023! The Brazilian team faces the Marines and is in the same bracket. PSG Talon e Rainbow7.

Over the days, the More Esports will bring texts about the possible opponents of the LOUD in the championship. Today, we will talk about Movistar Rainbow7, LLA champion.

At Rainbow7 of LLA

Just like LOUD, PSG and Marines, Rainbow7 also won both stages of their regional league. However, in the 2nd Split, the team achieved an even more exceptional and dominant performance.

At this stage, Rainbow7 simply didn’t lose. They finished undefeated in the regular phase, and, in the playoffs, they won all the series they played, with a 3-0 victory in the final of the competition.

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The Movistar Rainbow7 game

A game very focused on look, South Korean, who was one of, if not the best player in the league during this stage of the competition. With aggressive choices, he dictates the pace of Movistar R7’s game in the form he is in the match.

A good point that demonstrates this aggressive and fast game is that the organization has absurd statistics after 15 minutes of play. Overall, they only lost a single game in one of the series they played during the playoffs when they were ahead at that point in the match.

Furthermore, make no mistake, the Latin team is very solid in all routes, or they just haven’t been properly tested in the league. CEOthe ADC, is a promise in the position, while Bong, a South Korean, also plays his role very well for the team.

Oddieexperienced, can play very well with Mireu and further enhance his advantages in the game.

Mireu, the crack of Rainbow7

The South Korean arrived in Latin lands after having conversations with Los Grandes, who opted for Lava instead. Since arriving, he has been arguably the best player in the league and has put in the majority of games in the pocket.

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His aggressiveness and dominance in the laning phase is worth considering, given his undefeated Ahri and LeBlanc, in addition to Akali who also didn’t lose and is always a player’s choice in specific mid lane confrontations.

What LOUD needs to win in R7 at Worlds 2023

I don’t think Rainbow7 is a bogeyman, although it is a good opponent and cannot be underestimated. In this matchup, the important thing is to neutralize Mireu and give champions to tinowns that have good lane pressure, like, for example, LeBlanc.

Overall, I see the LOUD team as better, mainly in the top and jungle duo, but that doesn’t exclude Bot Lane. Route and Ceos make a great duo and can guarantee an advantage over their opponents, which would also help to create a snowball. The R7 bot isn’t bad, but it isn’t scary either.

What is the scenario in which LOUD faces Rainbow7 at Worlds 2023?

If LOUD beats GAM and R7 beats PSG Talon, the two teams will face each other in round 2 of the upper bracket. If LOUD and R7 lose their respective matches, they will also find themselves in the lower bracket.

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