T1 beat Weibo in the grand final of Worlds 2023, the LoL World Cup, and despite Faker have gained all the spotlight, Dig it up it also went viral with a funny and “cute” scene.

When the support went to celebrate the title and lift the Summoner’s Cup, he realized that the cup was heavier than he imagined and needed help to keep it from falling. See the moment:

Despite the moment, everything was fine afterwards and the player was able to celebrate, even taking a photo with the trophy:

(Image: Disclosure/LoL)

T1 Worlds 2023 champion

Amid the record audience for Worlds 2023, T1 overpowered Weibo Gaming and became four-time LoL World Champion. Faker reached an unprecedented fourth LoL World Championship title.

The community reacted very excitedly to Faker’s fourth victory, ten years after his first tournament title. Even VALORANT professionals praised Faker and his career. Son, Tottenham forward, celebrated the team’s achievement.

Furthermore, the South Korean organization needed to beat all the LPL teams to lift the competition cup and Zeus was the MVP of the final with great performances against TheShy.

T1 players also commented on which skins they will choose after winning during the T1 Press Conference.

Image of T1 celebrating the Worlds 2023 title
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)
Bruno Rodrigues
published in November 19, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/worlds-2023-keria-viraliza-ao-nao-conseguir-levantar-o-trofeu-do-mundial-veja-o-video

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