The first two teams classified for the playoffs do Worlds 2023 are set! This Saturday (21), four teams played against each other and two of them left the Swiss Phase undefeated.

A JDG beat LNG 2×1while the Gen.G defeated G2by 2×0ending the European champion’s unbeaten run against Asian teams in the competition.


The rematch of the LPL final. Two teams that had good results and a very high performance, which was reflected in the three matches of the series. In the first game, JDG got the better of a great individual performance from each of the players.

In the second game, LNG had an insane performance, especially from Scout who made the difference with his Sylas. Finally, JDG closed the series and qualified by beating their countrymen in a decisive 369 game with champion Aatrox.

G2 x Gen.G

A series that promised a lot, but delivered almost nothing. The first game was an upset by the South Koreans, who overpowered the Europeans in a great game between Doran and his Jax.

In the second game, almost a replay. Another snog that defined the South Korean team’s classification for the Worlds 2023 playoffs.

Upcoming Worlds 2023 games

This Sunday (22), the teams that win a match and lose another will face each other in the competition. The results decide which pot they will be in for the next draw of opponents, until they qualify or are eliminated from the tournament.

1-1 team games

  • NRG x MAD Lions
  • T1 x Cloud9
  • Weibo Gaming x KT
  • Fnatic x BLG

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Luis Santana
published in October 21, 2023


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