A Gen.G won T1 once again and remains undefeated in Swiss Stage of Worlds 2023. Now, the South Koreans face G2 for a place in the competition’s playoffs.

After the victory, Breedingthe team’s mid laner, spoke with the More Esports and explained about the choice of Akali, the record of 2 thousand points and also about the new format that replaced the old group stage.

Or pick de Akali by Kha’Zix

After Akali’s pick, there weren’t many jungler options that fit her well. With limited choices, we decided not to focus on creating some mid and jungle synergy. We chose for everyone to do their own in each position. That’s why we made this pick.

Chovy lost a lot to Faker, today the scenario is different

I think that, compared to the beginning of my career, I have evolved a lot as a player. I managed to prove to myself that I’m a better player now, this gives me more confidence to be able to beat Faker now.

Is now the time for Chovy to win Worlds?

Saying that it’s time for me to win the world cup is a bit of an exaggeration, because that doesn’t belong to me at the moment. I can say that I have improved a lot compared to the past. My skills and potential have evolved a lot and considering the World Cup is in Korea, I feel like there are fewer things for us to adapt to at the moment. Maintaining my physical condition will be very good. With all this, I believe it is a good time for me to do well in the world championship.

Chovy achieved a record number of points in Korea’s soloQ and gives a tip

A lot of soloQ has a lot to do with luck. I don’t know if I can give advice from my experience, but honestly, what helps you climb is finding the right play style that suits you and going from there.

I’m very happy to be able to surpass 2000 points. I feel like I’m doing very well in training and also in official matches. I feel like at this point, maybe it’s not just luck. I also increased my confidence through this experience as well.

Chovy plays a lot of ARAM

Since I’m in first place, it sometimes takes ten to twenty minutes to queue while I wait. To ensure that I arrive on time for scrims and other activities, when there is a short amount of free time, I prefer to practice my skills in ARAM. I think I like spending my time playing ARAM instead of watching videos on YouTube or something.

Gen.G’s next game at Worlds 2023

O Gen.G’s next game will be on October 21stat 4am, against G2.

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