LOUD was run over by the Marines in the rematch that was worth staying in Worlds 2023. With the defeat, the Brazilians no longer have a chance of advancing to the Swiss Stage.

In an interview with More Esports, tinownsmid laner there LOUDspoke about the frustration after the setback and also what happened in the series.

Tinowns on the feeling after the defeat

Man, right now I think it’s really hard to say anything. Sometimes I’ll talk nonsense here out of my temper, because I’m sad, so I would have to see everything that happened and analyze it correctly, but at the moment it’s sad how it ended, even more so because we know our potential, we had already beaten the Marines once, So it ended up in a very annoying situation for us.

LOUD was ahead in the first game, but ended up losing

So these specific points, I think it’s a little difficult to detail here, but what comes to mind is in the second Herald team, where we ended up making a mistake, I think 3 died, 4 people on our team died in the mid when we tried to split , from there we lost a little advantage, but I think that in general, not only in the first game, but also in the second, we weren’t buying the vision very well and man, it was very difficult.

Os bans you Maokai

So, since Brazil, we don’t really enjoy playing against Maokai, especially because our priority has always been Xayah and Rakan and Maokai can maintain a very good range. There are some teams that could play Jayce or Tristana too, which are picks that we normally don’t feel comfortable playing against, especially Tristana. We only stopped banning now, since the beginning of CBLOL, and it was mostly because of that. Some first picks weren’t good against Maokai, I think they could make for a boring comp too.

Frustrating campaign

I think so. Like, obviously our goal was bigger than that, right? It was supposed to go to the Swiss phase. But from the first game to the last we always knew it wasn’t going to be easy, you know? Given the entire history of our region, the level of our region, so we knew that every series was going to be completely difficult.

Croc’s situation

Man, mentally he was very smooth for the series, he was communicating normally, as Croc always does, but I feel like after a few plays started to go wrong, and everything, maybe he lost a little confidence and I saw it there at the end of the game too, he was very sad when it ended, it seems like he was quite shaken by the series, but I still haven’t gotten to talk to him after the series. But that’s it, right? I can guarantee you that both Croc and all the players did their best to represent you.

Best team in CBLOL history didn’t change the region’s level

Man, it’s hard, right? It’s difficult because, exactly as you said, there are three international championships in a row and, well, we managed to get to MD3 here now, but we weren’t even close to our goal, so I’m super frustrated and I don’t know what mine will be next step now, because for me it was an almost unique opportunity, right? So much so that it never happened to maintain the same base, the same team, three internationals in a row, so I was very attached to that hope, I was very attached to this team. And, man, my personal goal has always been to represent Brazil well abroad and now the feeling is just frustration. I don’t know if this goal of mine will end up changing from now on because it’s a different story here, only those who train out here know how difficult it is for us. So, I don’t know. It’s a lot of frustration.

LOUD eliminated from Worlds 2023

The community reacted indignantly to the elimination of the Brazilian team this Saturday (14). Furthermore, an international analyst commented on LOUD’s performance during the series against GAM.

Croc also had one of the worst performances among the players, while Ceos spoke of haste in the series against Marines.

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