No The International 2023, world of Dota 2a I live Keyd Stars achieved an unprecedented feat. She is the first Brazilian team to qualify for the playoffs of the competition and, in addition, won a match against the current world champion team.


The International 2023 is made up of 20 teams, divided into four groups. Keyd was drawn into group D, along with Trundra Esports (world champion), TSM, Talon Esports e PSG Quest.”

From each group, four teams advance to the playoffs. The series in this first stage follow the MD2 format. Although the team did not win any series, they drew in three of them: with PSG Quest, Tundra e TSM. A Talon Esports it was the only team to beat the Brazilians.

Now, Keyd will play against LGD to define its seed in the Dota 2 World Cup playoffs. The match will take place on October 15th at 2pm and can be watched on The International stream in Portuguese.

(Image: Disclosure/Keyd)
Bruno Rodrigues
published in October 14, 2023edited 3 days ago


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