You put victory Gen.G against Bilibili Gaming no Worlds 2023? If so, you and thousands of other fans must have been disappointed, as the team lost 3-2 this Friday (3).

The result not only eliminated Chovy and company from the LoL World Cupas also ended anyone’s chances of winning all of LoL’s ultimate skins with Bolão.

LoL World Cup pool no longer has perfect choices

All users who still had the perfect picks bet on Gen.G, so now we have no one left in the world with a chance of getting all the Worlds 2023 results right.

The LoL Esports profile itself joked about the situation: “RIP everyone’s Bolão, literally…”

Now that it is no longer possible to win the best prize in Bolão do Worlds 2023, users should at least try to earn the Renekton Mundial skin. See the full awards below:

  • Perfect Choices: todas as skins Ultimate
  • Top 5,000: Renekton Champion + skin Renekton World 2023
  • Tier S Rank (Top 5%): 50 Event Badges + 4 Worlds 2023 Capsules + “Pure Madness” Emote from Yuumi + “Suffering” Emote from Sivir
  • Tier A Rank (Top 20%): 3 World Cup 2023 Capsules + “Pure Madness” Emote from Yuumi + “Suffering” Emote from Sivir
  • Tier B Rank (Top 40%): 2 World Cup 2023 Capsules + Sivir “Suffering” Emote
  • Tier C Rank (Top 70%): 1 World Cup 2023 Capsule + Sivir “Suffering” Emote

About Worlds 2023

At the moment, Worlds 2023 remains in the quarterfinals. JDG will face KT Rolster on Saturday (4), while T1 will face LNG on Sunday (5). Weibo Gaming and Bilibili Gaming have already qualified for the semi-finals.

Follow complete coverage of Worlds 2023 with game calendar, results, tables, format and other information here on More Esports.

(Image: Disclosure/Riot Games)
Bruno Rodrigues
published in November 3, 2023edited 4 days ago


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